Sunday, 9 March 2014


Hello, most of us in the northern hemisphere have had a hard winter.  We, in Europe, haven't had the extreme cold that our pals in the US and Canada have had, in fact its been strangely warm.   However, we have had storms and rain, rain, rain!  Suddenly the weather changed and we started to see the sunshine.  Little George from Baboon HQ decided to go out and investigate.

George hadn't been walking for very long when he came across these flowers.  He felt that was a good sign.

Nearby he found these lovely blue flowers.  This is good he thought, I'll carry on and see what else I can find!

The next thing George found was some snowdrops and these nice yellow flowers.  This was shaping up well, George decided Spring was here and he would go on.

George got as far as Quarr Abbey where the grounds were beautiful.  Here he found daffodils and primroses.

It is perhaps a little early for bluebells but George found some and some pinkbells as well.  There were also some white ones but his head is in front of them.  There was also a ladybird (ladybug) on the blue ones.

Well George is a baboon so when he found a tree full of apple blossom he had to climb it.

Finally on the way home he found something surprising.

Duck eggs for sale!!  George decided to investigate and climbed up to have a look.

He found duck eggs and quail eggs.  Well that's spring for you!  We hope to find lambs and calves soon but this walk was not one where you would do that.  George had a lovely Sunday morning.  Thank you for reading.  I'm sorry the flowers don't show up too well in the pictures but George want to show you that Spring will come for everyone.


  1. the photos are very nice and sharp Kolo; my compliments. That you can see very well spring has arrived and that you have a lot of fun today ...

  2. Luvverlee Spring colours and best of all, sunshine! Spring always brings Hope wiv it and thees pidjurs ar grrreat fur showing that! It tayks 6 weeks fur Spring to travel frum the Souf of England to the Norf of Scotland = can't wait to catch up, heehee! Bootiful bloggy - fanks fur the smiles! Huuggs and kisses frum me and Paco! :O) :=o)xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Absolutely wonderful to share the walk with George. What a smashing spring day with all those flowers! George is just the cutest chap isn't he?

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your first taste of spring with us George! It does give me hope that somehow Spring will find its way to my house too! If only all that snow outside would melt so the flowers can bloom! *sigh* Until that happens I'll come back & look at your lovely pictures!
    ((HUGS)) ((HUGS)) ((HUGS))

  5. What a wonderful walk you took us on George. I felt like I was right beside you. Thanks

  6. That's a luvly blog kolo the flowas luk really pretty an it makes us fink spring is ere an that is a gud fing

  7. ohh!!! so lovely! please send spring this way too!!! beautiful pics and George is a great model and story teller! *hughughug* - Zackrabbit

  8. What wonderful sunny pictures, thank you for sharing them!

  9. We haz been enjoyin da sunshines too Kolo my pal…well dun to George for his pawsome reprtin

  10. George is such a cute and so adventurous!!