Friday, 28 February 2014

Another successful rehoming

The baboon rehoming programme has slowed a bit but it is still going on.  There was another rehoming in February this year.

Rumley has gone to live in Mitchigan with dear Bode's mum.  He had hardly arrived before he was out to lunch at the Pirate's Cove Pub and Grill.  We can see he is going to be a very happy baboon in his new home.

Rumley found his home because friends of Bode's mum (@LilyLuWho T and @NancyCakeFace) suggested she might like to have a baboon.  If you know someone who you think might like to rehome a baboon please let me know.  Of course if you would like to rehome a baboon yourself do get in touch with me either by leaving a comment on here or a DM on Twitter, saying how I can get in touch with you.  You may already have a baboon who you think needs baboon company.

Its so good to see another baboon finding his new furever home!! Rumley is the 87th baboon to be rehomed.  I am aiming to rehome at least 100!!


  1. YAY for Bode's Mom and Rumley! It's a wonderful thing 2 see a happy Baboon in his new home! May they share many years of adventures together!
    *Impressed ears* It's amazing that you've rehomed 87 baboons Kolo - you've made the world a happier place for so many! *High paw* I know you'll get to 100 - and beyond!
    ((HUGGY)) ((HUG)) ((HUGS))

  2. Yay fur Bode's mom! Lulu sends baboon hugs an banana kisses! xoxoxo

  3. 87th!! OH WOW!! the Baboon rehoming system and the hard work of all the baboons at Baboon HQ do such amazing things making so many baboons happy!! WOOOOO!! keep it up, Kolo! *bigsnuggles* - @zackrabbit

  4. Hurrah for Rumlee…..keep at da good werk my pal…...