Saturday, 15 February 2014

Stange weather

The weather at Baboon HQ has been very strange.  Well not just at Baboon HQ!   Actually there has been strange weather every where.  Very high temperatures at the Australian Open Tennis tournament in Melbourne, very low temperatures in North America.  We hope everyone is doing OK.

At Baboon HQ it has been a warm, wet, windy winter with no temperatures below 6C, so no frost  We are lucky to be on top of a hill so we have not been flooded thank goodness, our baboon hearts go out to everyone who has been.  We have wondered whether our roof would stand up to the wind but so far so good!

Source: BBC Website (15 February 2014)

Source: BBC Website (15 February 2014)

This is the kind of thing people are suffering from in the west of England and Wales.  We are keeping everyone in our baboon hearts.

In the north of the US they have this kind of situation:


Source: BBC website (14 February 2014)

Please everyone try to keep as safe and warm as you can.  We know that everyone has to go out sometimes but stay safe please!

Here at Baboon HQ the main problem is travelling over to the mainland for work.  The hovercraft and catamarans have done their best but sometimes they have both been cancelled and my person has had to take the car ferry.


Source: WightLink website (15 February 2014)

This was the car ferry on a calm day but its not like that at the moment, it isvery rough and all the passengers are often cold and very wet from travelling to the terminal in the wind and rain.

We are sending baboon love to everyone who is affected by the weather, stay warm, dry and safe as you can and spare a thought for those who are really suffering in this freak weather.

Enjoy the winter olympics and look forward to #TeddyOlympics when we all get a chance to have a go at exciting sports ourselves.  Keep warm practicing your entries and don't forget the winter sports as well as the summer ones.


  1. we all need thos Kolo huggs xxx

  2. Great post Kolo. Keep safe and warm all our friends up north xx

  3. We do wurry fur owr pals wherevva the weffa is extreme fur the season, Kolo, and this blog is a lublee way to show we're finking of owr neybors across the Wurld! Calmer seas fur yur pawson soon ey hopes! Huuggs and kisses! :O) and :=o)xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. That duz not sownd plezant Kolo. You shud come visit us acuz it's only gonna be 90 degreez hot today an we haz terned on da a/c alreddy. Keep cozy or hop a plane an come see us! *pawhugs* / Pandy

  5. The weather has been jolly extreme... I hope chaps are keeping safe.

  6. Oh Kolo! Please stay safe and keep all baboons at HQ warm and safe too!! lots of love - @zackrabbit

  7. I simppyfize Kolo my pal…we just haz da warm sunny daze at da bridge of corse…is terrible to see da problems wot peeples haz