Friday, 14 September 2012

Monkey Haven

As anyone who knows me knows, I love to visit the Owl and Monkey Haven which is on my island near Newport, where @adoptedmonkeys live.

I went this week and had a great day there.  The monkeys wanted me to bring bananas so I started the day by going to the supermarket to buy some.  I decided to have breakfast there too when I found out they do a breakfast banana loaf.

Now does that look yummy.  Yes, OK more coffee, different company same addiction!!  After that I went along to get some bananas and then off to the sanctuary.

The monkeys are interesting because I find some of them come over to stare at me and some just carry on with their business.  I kind of get the impression that they know I am more like them than a human and that interests them.  Either that or they are thinking one of two things: either where did that monkey get his Arsenal shirt and how can I get one, or more likely how did that monkey get outside the cages and how can I do that?

We got to the sanctuary and I went in search of the adopted monkeys and owls and the other interesting chaps.  I am sorry that I don't quite remember everyone who has adopted who so if I don't mention your name with your monkey I apologise.

First I saw my old friend Martin.  He came over to look at me and have a chat about how Arsenal are doing, he is concerned about last season but is happy that they signed Podolski.  We had quite a long chat.  I know that @hi_im_monkey, @kyba and @busybuttons are all Martin adopters.  Martin is a white throated capuchin and we hope he will be able to live with his mate Lulu soon in their new home.

Martin is a great thinker as you can see.

After that I went along to see Fudge who is my adopted monkey and also @marleyterrier @hi_im_monkey's grandparents and Monty Baboon who lives with Mrs Fiddlesticks and Tim Kirby amongst others, he is a popular choice maybe because of his hairstyle or the hugs he gives.  Fudge is a very nonchulant primate he doesn't rush over to see people if he is not in the mood.  Fudge is a Javan langut.

He certainly wasn't interested in me!!  He is a handsome primate though.  He didn't come close so I took this picture off their website (hope you don't mind).

I went to see those cheeky pals Bono, Bog and Kajan.  They were playing jokes on me and kept disappearing and prentending they were each other.  I got pictures but don't ask me who is who.

I know that @dane_ray adopted Bog, @yayStella adopted Bono and @marshallsheldon adopted Kajan.  Cheeky bunch!!

We went to visit some other monkeys, these good pals were great fun, one of them kept putting a bucket on his head!!

The singing gibbons are always fun.

They weren't singing but they were interested in looking at me and having a chat.

The marmosets are tamarinds are fun to visit.

Then I went to visit the owls.  Dusty and Hurley adopted Chico and Diamond Bertie adopted Olivia.  The owls are a bit of a problem because they are nocturnal so although I did see them and chat to them about their lovely adopters I couldn't catch them in the photos.  Instead I took photos outside their cage with their information boards to show I had been and how comfortable they are.

This is Chico's home,

and this is Olivia's home.

They were pleased to hear about you even though they didn't want to come to the front of their cages for photos.

I hope you enjoyed joining me in my day at the sanctuary.  I can say all the monkeys are owls are very happy to hear about their adopters and are very comfortable and happy in their home.

Thank you for reading.  Next blog entry will be an update on the August baboons.


  1. It is a great place would love to go there and hug a monkey. You had a beary nice weather. Hugs

  2. Wow....the monkeys all look so well nd happy,yayayaya

  3. how luffly kolo... th monkey haven sanktewary looks reely nise nd homely! im pleesd yew cud see th munkeys nd share pikjahs wif us! yew doo lots too prowmote th sanktewary i fink becos yew oftun inclewd adoptions in yur give aweys :)

  4. Its so fun to see teh monkeys an owls an to know that so many iz adopted jusht likes mai Lulu! *hugs an purrrs* xoxoxox

  5. Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your trip to visit the monkeys and the owls. They all look very happy.

  6. Hope you met with my adopted Hobo. oh the monkies are well and lovely Kolo.

  7. Hurray! Pawsome to see Fudge my pal....naturally he is a Man City fan so he might ave been playin ard to get once he saw your gooners shirt....he he