Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Kolo in Boston - Part 1

OK now for Boston.  I know that what you are all waiting for is the big tweet-up in Boston.  However, I am going to keep you waiting a little longer for that.  I have too many pictures for one entry and the tweet-up is so special that I am going to give it its own entry tomorrow.  So this is the stuff that we did on the first and third days.

We arrived in Boston hungry so after we booked into our hotel we went to the California Pizza Kitchen just around the corner and had pizza and a grilled vegetable sandwich, both very yummy.  We watched the Monday night football at the same time.

Now is that yummy or what????  Just what a travelling primate needed.  You can see I am looking at the sandwich with interest but I bet you can guess which one I went for!

The next day we went out to explore Boston, it was a bit wet (our old friend Hurrican Isaac again I am told), so we didn't get as many pictures as we would have liked, but walking on Boston Common (beautiful) I did get to see the founding of Boston in 1730.

This is a lovely memorial to the event.

We went on a trolly tour around Boston on the third day, that was fun, it was so quick that I didn't really get to take many photos but it was really interesting because I saw what I want to see when I go back there again.

I also got into Starbucks when I was in Boston, I had two in one day, does that count as an addiction?

This one was on the beautiful Boston Harbour.  Come to think of it that cup of coffee does look rather large for me!!

I met some new friends in Boston, one of them came home with me, Sebastian the lobster, but I found these ones quite friendly.

Well actually, come to think of it I look a little scared here, well wouldn't you, have you seen those claws?

Leroy had a great treat in Boston, he used to watch Cheers with my person years ago, so it was a great thrill for him to have a pint in Cheers.  Obviously he wanted the occasion recorded!

He looks pretty much as though he has had a pint of beer doesn't he!!

Amongst the many things I wanted to do in America was to have a grilled cheese sandwich.  I did, on the last day in Boston, boy it was bigggg!!!

Now who wouldn't want to eat that!  It was yummy, we have toasted cheese in England it is not the same thing, both are nice but I definitely like grilled cheese!

So, one more entry, the big tweet-up in Boston.  I promise to do that entry tomorrow.  Bet you can't wait!!


  1. Glad Leroy got to have a pint at Cheers, and that grilled cheese sandwich looks delish!

  2. I watched every episode of Cheers !!!so I can imagine how happy Leroy was to visit...it looks a wonderful holiday..roll on the next episode

  3. what a great trip! hi to you and Leroy! and say, got any pizza leftovers?? x

  4. Yay you made it to Cheers! Pawsome pix an I so happy you fownd grilled cheeze.

  5. wow you had a great time der N Boston, dem lobsters did look a bit scary BOL did you see @mistersnoop from germany he was der also !!

  6. the food looks lovely I would like to taste it all. Boston looks beary beautiful. *writing it down on my to go to list*

  7. Yay yoo gotted yer grilled cheese! Where did yoo go for it, it look awfully nommy! Cannot wait for da next installment, yay!

  8. oh the toasted cheese sandwiches look tasty to my belly, hope the Isaac didn't hurt you.

  9. You did so much in Boston Kolo - and Leroy must have been so excited to go to Cheers! What fun! Mom says she's going to have a grilled cheese sandwich for supper cause that on looks so nommy! Looking forward to the next installment of your adventure! ((HUGS)) ((HUGS)) ((HUGS))

  10. Food! Nom nom...wot a culinary tour of da USA> Pawsome.

  11. I'm loving reading all about your USA vacation. Great pictures too! How is your new friend Sebastian the lobster liking his new home? (HUGS)

  12. OMC - Kolo buddy - you are in the US!!! Awesome. I don't suppose you are going thru my area (wisconsin) are you? Our lucky pals on the East C?oast will get to meet you. I am so jealous. Have fun.,