Sunday, 9 September 2012

Kolo in Austin

When we headed off from Dallas on our road trip our first destination was Austin. You cannot get from Dallas to Austin without going through Waco and that is a good thing because that means you have to stop off at the Health Camp cafe.  Now if you are into lentils and wholefoods, the Health Camp is not for you.

Although you might want to stop just to marvel at it.  They do serve my type of food!


You may wonder why I was not photographed inside, well there was a very good reason.  I was wearing my Longhorns shirt and the cafe had flags for another university.  Furthermore there were people in there from another Texas university football team and as I am a baboon who likes to avoid trouble I stay quiet and didn't draw attention to myself.

Now behind me you can see the sign for the Austin motel.  This motel has a nickname, but as a polite baboon I will say no more and leave it to your imagination.

Breakfast is important in Texas and the place to go in Austin is Kerby Lane cafe.

My photographer didn't do too well here but we had lovely omlettes with fried potatoes and pancakes, what more could a baboon want?  Actually we went there and had their omlettes twice!!
Now Austin is a beautiful city so we went for a walk despite the heat and I wanted to show you the Austin skyline so I climbed a tree to get a good view.
One of my biggest thrills in Austin was to visit the Longhorns stadium.  I was very lucky because I managed to get there before the first game of the season when everyone was there having bbq's and beers before the game.  I thought I might stay and run a catering stall there.

I met the Longhorn's mascot Bevo.

Now this picture is flattering to me it looks as though I am as big as Bevo, but to tell the truth even in my full size he is much much bigger than I am.  It was great to meet and chat.  I was so happy to see the stadium and meet some other fans.  All the people there seemed pleased to see me.  As we drove out of Austin there were Longhorns fans everywhere.  I really felt at home.
So what next, well next is an exciting Tweet-up in San Antonio and some sightseeing too.  Hope to blog that tomorrow. 
Thank you for reading. HUGS HUGS HUGS oh and hook 'em horns!!


  1. Awesome! I'm glad you got to meet Bevo!

  2. wundahful visit too austin kolo nd ohh my thowse brekfusts look beary gud indeed! luffin yur blog my furend fank yew soo mutch fur sharin yur hollydey wif us!

  3. I'm glad you stayed safe in Waco and had a chance to chat with Bevo, too! My humans stayed at the Austin Motel about 10 years ago. I wish I knew the nickname, but they don't know it either.

  4. You have such wonderful adventures Kolo! I bet you & Your people are missing those big Texas breakfasts! MOL! Glad you got to meet Bevo - that was pawsome! Looking forward to the next installment in your journey! ((HUGS))

  5. big was that brekkie!!!! glad u got to met the Longhorns mascot xx This is so exciting...yaya