Saturday, 15 September 2012

Baboon update - August baboons

Hi everyone, me chatting again.  I have been a bit chatty this last week its because lots has happened and my staff have been away from their other jobs so they have had time.  I thought I would take this opportunity, before they go back to work, to update you on the August re-homed baboons.

Four baboons were re-homed in August and they went to various places.

The first one went to live in Norway with @happpiii and @bearberkeley, he is called Bob Oom and he seems to be having a fantastic time in Norway.  He came from San Diego zoo so Norway is quite a long way from his original home.

As you can see he has made great friends with @Happpiii and they are both indulging in baboon madness together.

Lucky Bob Oon I'm not allowed to do that!!

The next August baboon stayed in England but went north (actually its very rare for a baboon to stay in England and go south from here unless they are good swimmers)!!

Hubert went to live with @DrRedBear in Yorkshire, there's quite a community of baboons in the north of England now including Yorkshire, Lancashire and Newcastle.

Hubert has really been enjoying climbing with Dr Red Bear.  Dr Red Bear is very patient because he even lets Hubert climb on him!!

What fun!!

The next baboon went to Cambridge, but not in England (although he is a very clever baboon), Dwayne went to Cambridge Massachusetts and I was lucky enough to meet up with him and @GromekCat's mum and dad in Boston last week.  He seems a very happy baboon and is getting well integrated into his new family.

It looks as though he and Gromek are getting on very well.

Here we are altogether in Boston what fun that was with @grrlysquirrel75's Barrett and @LilyLuWhoTo's Petie.

The last August baboon, Cornelius, went to live in Chicago with Milo, Cheeks and Farel, aka @Koosaparty.  Cornelius likes having piggyback rides so he is very happy with his new family.

It looks as though he is getting on very well there too, they all look happy together.

Thank you for reading.  One baboon was sent to his new home in September and he is still travelling so I will do an update on him.  There is a shortage of homeless baboons at the moment, which is really good news of course, but if anyone is interested in adopting please let me know as I will start a waiting list.

I often seen what the rehomed baboons are up to and its always great to get to know how they are doing.

I wasn't able to show a picture of Snuffy Norton's mini-Kolo before so here he is with Tweak participating in the Teddy Olympics hugging category.

Don't they look great together!

Thank you for reading again. HUGS HUGS HUGS


  1. awww wot a fabyewlous blog! i luff reedin abowt th re-homed baboons frum baboon hq nd nyani baboon alweys reeds th blog thro agen nd agen nd is happi too kno hee is pawt of a big event!

    keep up th gud werk kolo! *hugs* a home fur ebeary baboon nd a baboon in ebeary home :)

  2. Great to hear news of the Baboons...Marco waves to them all yayaya

  3. Always gud to know how the global baboon famly is growing, heehee!Paco waves Hiya!to all his cuzzins and ther noo famlys!Huuggs frum us both and loads of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. omaigoodness thats a lot of noo homes fur lucky baboons! Lulu sends kisses and hugs! xoxoxo

  5. Lovely to see all the family members from Ty having nice homes. hugs

  6. How lovely to see baboons find nice new homes, I'm glad that Morse baboon lives with me. :)

  7. WOW, it is so exciting to see all the Baboons you have rehomed all over the world. Congratulations on a job well done pal. We sure love our Koko. M was just telling Koko the other day that he should work on a post again soon. So stay tuned.

  8. Petie & I are soooo happy for all the recent rehomed baboons! You are PAWSOME to fill the world with baboon love & ((HUGS))!!! I'm so glad you're our furiend Kolo! ((HUGS))

  9. More pawsome werk from you and the families wiv baboons. We do look forward to readin about their travels....