Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Kolo in Boston, The tweet-up

OK this is what you have all been waiting for, the big Boston tweet-up and also the last episode of my trip to the states.

This was a great day.  @LilyLuWhoT's mum drove about 80 miles, in the pouring rain, to meet us.  Thank you so much for coming it was fantastic of you and so great to spend the day with you.  Lily's mum met us at our hotel in Boston and we walked down to Faneuil Hall where we bought a lovely coffee (oh dear that addiction again), and walked over to Quincey Market to drink it.  Here, Leroy and I were able to catch-up with our re-homed baboon Petie who lives with Lily.

It was great to see here and we loved Quincey Market with the foodhalls, awesome.

While we were there we had a lovely surprise we were joined by @Pandafur's mum and a lovely friend of her's Beth, they were a great addition to our day out.

We went for lunch at a lovely cafe that Beth knew.  I had fishcakes with chips and the others had fish and chips.  We were so keen to eat that we didn't get a picture till afterwards.

I tried cornbread for the first time, it was yummy but I was rather full of fishcakes and chips at that stage.  I wish I could remember the name of the resturant to tell you, it was lovely.

After lunch @Pandafur's mother gave us a tour of the North End of Boston, aka the Italian District, we followed the Freedom trail.  We met Paul Revere.  Being a British primate I am unsure of all the details of Paul Revere but I heard that he was a silversmith, a false teeth maker and a great champion of sanitation.  However, that is not why he is well known it is more to do with a ride he did to warn the population that the British were coming.  I hope he didn't mean me.

Petie and I tried to get up high enough to chat with him and find out more but we just weren't tall enough.

Later we tried to catch up with him again by visiting his house.

I think he lived very modestly for such an important man, he is clearly very important in Boston.

We also visited a lovely bakery but I couldn't get pictures there it was rather crowded.

After that we were getting hot and needed a sit down so we walked to the harbour.  At this point @pandafur's friend Beth took a picture of us all.

Left to right this is my people Judith and Stephen, with me, Lily's mum Bonny and Pandafur's mum Katie (or Katy) I am not sure how she spells it.  Sorry folks but its unusual for my person to appear in a picture so I couldn't resist publishing.  Boston harbour was beautiful.

Sadly at this point Katy and Beth had to leave us.  Thank you to both of you for making our day so much fun.

We walked them back to their car and then watched sealions at the aquarium (they are outside so we could watch without paying).

Then, the other tweet-up of the day.  We went to another nice resturant Tia's on the harbour and met @grrlysquirrel75, Michelle and @gromkecat's people Naomi and Noah.  We had a lovely dinner of lobster mac and cheese (macaroni cheese to us Brits).  It was lovely but to be honest I felt a little guilty having my new lobster friend Sebastian in my bag as I had just got him.

Here he is back home with me and I think he is settling in OK.  He still lives near the sea so he should be fine shouldn't he.

One of the treats of the evening was meeting up with some more re-homed baboons, Michelle's Barrett and Gromek's Dwayne, as well as dear Petie.

What a #baboonbonanza!  No Petie is not drinking the wine but it looks as though I am staring at it.  No, coffee was the only vice I found in the states.  It was fun to catch up with a lot of happy re-homed baboons.

Well the people had to be photographed too.  My person and Leroy seemed to manage to get cut out of this one, ummmm wonder why!!

Before we parted Petie gave me a lovely present, a fridge magnet of her with a lovely hyacinth, thank you so much Petie its a lovely momento of the day.  Here it is on our fridge alongside the magnet of me.  @NoCryBabyDogs is fantastic at making fridge magnets.  Thank you so much Petie for the magnet.

The red squirrel wanted to get in on the scene to promote our island where we have red squirrels (when am I going to get a job in marketing?).

Anyway, sadly eventually the day had to end and we all walked back to the T where Michelle and Gromek's mum and dad left us, then we had a little more time with Lily's mum as we walked to her car.  Sadly then we went back to our hotel.  We had had a wonderful day with so many friends.  Thank you to all of you for coming to meet us it was just fantastic, I can't tell you how much it meant to us to meet you all and special thank you to Michelle for helping us out by giving us so much information about Boston (including where to get grilled cheese) and to Lily's mum for driving so far in awful weather to meet us and to everyone for being there and being so much fun.

The next day we left Boston after our trolly ride, Starbucks and grilled cheese.  We had a fantastic time in the US and thank you to everyone.  HUGS HUGS HUGS to all the lovely people of the US who were all so nice to us.  We'll be coming back now y'all!!


  1. brillant trip too boston nd how luffly too tweetup wif furends! i haf reely enjoyd th blogs of yur trip too merrycar deer kolo!

  2. Oh Kolo....its been a delight to read these blogs and see all the happiness...thank you xxx

  3. Oh buddy, I've so enjoyed your pictures and meeting our friends. What a wonderful time you must have had. I'm so envious that you were able to meet so many of our friends. Someday I hope I can meet more of them too.

  4. Herz had so much fun meeting you an we iz all so happy you did haz such a grate advenchure! *purrrs* xoxox

  5. It was so wonderful to meet everyone, Kolo! I'm glad that I could be helpful to you during your trip to my city. I'm proud to call the Boston area home, and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. (((hugs)))

  6. Wot a wunderful advenshoor Kolo, Leroy and Sebastian - and its so nise to read abowt pals meeting up and having fun! Wot smashing ambassadors fur Amerika yus all made!Ey only wish my arms wer long enuff to giv yus all a big huugg fur sharing this joyful story wiv me and Paco but ey can only say a hoog FANKOO!!

  7. My Mom & Petie had the best day with you & your people in Boston Kolo! It was worth the drive in in the torrential rain for sure! Meeting Pandafur's Herz & Beth was so much fun- Herz was a pawsome tour guide on the Freedom Trail! And dinner with Gromek's Mom & Dad & Michelle was wonderful too- and the baboon reunion was such a happy occasion! So much fun and adventure crammed into one day! Thanks to everyone for making it a very special day we'll remember always! ((HUGS))

  8. TerenceTerrier & Arthur13 September 2012 at 10:09

    How lovely for you to meet the people who are just names to the rest of us.

  9. Wow, that is a sooper blog my pal. Awesome to see so many happy baboons and also to catch sight of peeples' people...!