Monday, 10 September 2012

Kolo in San Antonio

From Austin we went on to San Antonio.  I was very excited about going to San Antonio and you will see all the reasons why.  Not only is it a very exciting place, but I was also meeting a lovely Twitter pal there.

We arrived in San Antonio and checked into our lovely hotel, Hotel Indigo on North Alamo,  highly recommended for the discerning primate, you will see why later on.  It was extremely hot, they said this was because of Hurrican Isaac, but we still decided to go for a walk.  Leroy had been before and he took me straight to see the Riverwalk.

People say San Antonio is like Venice, I have never been to Venice but if its anything like San Antonio it will be on  my list for a visit.  Just look at how beautiful the Riverwalk is.  We had a nice drink there and some banana cake.  Leroy was right it was beautiful there.

In the evening we had a really big treat coming, we were meeting lovely Twitter pals, @CheshireK and @NutmegTorby's lovely person, Robin.  Well of course Cheshire and Nutmeg did come along to enjoy crab cakes with us in the fantastic Liberty Bar in San Antonio.  Of course @hi_im_monkey was there too, so quite a tweet-up in Texas.  We had lots of fun and say a massive thank you to Robin for driving up to see us.  HUGS HUGS HUGS to her, Cheshire and NutmegTorby

Sadly, eventually our lovely evening had to end, but there was still more fun to come.

Have you ever had a Texas waffle?  When I ordered it even Monkey, who lives in Texas, did not know what was coming, and this is one of the things that make Hotel Indigo so special.  Here is the Texas waffle.

There now, how is your geography?  It is the shape of Texas (and nearly as big).  What a treat.

After we were full of waffle and berries we went out to explore the Alamo.

We were not allowed to take pictures inside the Alamo but here is the outside and the inside is well worth a visit if you are in the area, we learned alot about the Texan struggle with Mexico and how it came to be a state.

Watch out if you are visiting the Alamo, it is perfectly safe inside but the garden is full of these things.

Yes, giant cacti, take care they are very prickly, I was careful to stay on the stones.

Well eventually we had to leave San Antonio after a lovely lunch in Central Market (anyone going to Texan cities, Central Market is awesome, visit, shop and eat there you will love it).

On the way back to Austin we stopped at Bucee's which we in England would call Services, it is not a truck stop but a place for families to stop on their journeys.  I am sorry I didn't take pictures it was awesome, you could get anything there, you could live there.  However, the real draw in Bucee's was the bathrooms, awesome.

Oh dear I am beginning to sound like an advertising agent for Texan hotels, shops, resturants and motorway services.  Oh well, it was all so great and I always say give praise where its due.

We left San Antonio to go back to Austin and Dallas and you have read all about that, so next stop Boston.


  1. oh kolo wot an amazin hollydey yew haf had! th riverwalk dus look bootyful nd im soo pleesd yew met wif twitter pals too!

    fank yew fur sharin yur hollydey wif us! *hugs*

  2. Great that you have been to Texas. And the waffle looks beary tasty. Hugs

  3. You iz hazing such grate avenchures but I wuz soooo excited to meets your in Boston!

  4. How fun!!! looks like you all had a great time!! and I must say, that waffle looks good too!! x

  5. Wow Kolo, yoo is really makin' mom want to go to Texas! Her only been through da tippy top on a road trip once before. Can't wait to get to da part of da trip where you meets da #neanipals!

  6. Woweeee...San Antonio looks just lovely,nd to meet pals too...perfect

  7. Am loving the journey with you. We have been to Venice and it is awesome.

  8. Fantastic fun and frolicks all round there - wish I was there! Great to see you are having such a brilliant time, well deserved - take care, safe journeys HUGS x

  9. we luvs san Antone its so fun der & beautiful , you get to see a lots der kolo !! da alamo was a bit smaller dan we thoughts wen we visited but awsome anyway!! da river walk is da best too !!!

  10. We are so happy that Kolo and his humans came to visit and our Robin got to meet everyone!

    I hope you all will look us up when YOU come to visit as well!

  11. You've n been to San Ann!! Wow, we are Spurs fans in this house (basketball team) and we are so jellus you go to go there.