Sunday, 13 December 2015

Who is newer at Baboon HQ

I realise that it is a long time since I did an update on the personnel at Baboon HQ.  I did three part Who's Who at Baboon HQ in March 2013 and updated that in June 2013 with Who's New at Baboon HQ and then I introduced Hoppo in the same month, in a mixed blog.  That made 22 baboons.  I have done nothing since and there are 33 of us here now.  I'll let them introduce themselves.

Hello I'm Chesney.  I arrived in October 2013.  Kolo was curious to have me here because I look like the other medium sized baboons (Roko, Denis, Austin and Thierry who were introduced in March 2013), but I am a different colour.  I am called Chesney because I have big hands like a goal keeper and the Arsenal goal keeper at the time was called some version of Chesney, although not spelled like that.  The other medium sized baboons and I are about 14 inches so around 2/3rds of Kolo's height.

Hello I'm Ozil, after the Germany (and now Arsenal player).  I chose that name because I came from Germany to an Arsenal household.  I was going to be rehomed but I came from a house where people smoked and Kolo didn't want people to think we smoked at Baboon HQ.  I had an adventure in the washing machine and by the time I was dried out (sitting on the radiator in the Baboon HQ living room), I was part of the family.  I don't smoke by the way.  I arrived not long after Chesney in October 2013.

Hello I am Jack.  I look brand new and have a label saying I came from Hamleys toy shop in London.  I was going to be rehomed but things didn't work out.  I am called Jack because I sat in a box in the Baboon HQ bedroom for a while waiting to be sent and manperson called me Jack in the Box.  I arrived in December 2013 in time for Christmas.  I am almost as big as Kolo. Just an inch or so smaller.

Hello I am Lukas.  I got called Lukas because I arrived just as Lukas Podolski scored a winning goal for Arsenal.  I am the same size as Jackson (Mini-Kolo), which is about 11 inches so about half Kolo's size.  I think I arrived in September 2013.  I'm a shy baboon so I don't go out socialising like Jackson but I did have coffee with @MarthaBBear in July this year.

Hello I'm Tony after Tony Adams, famous Arsenal captain.  Its a bit funny really because I am 1/3 of Kolo's size, only 7 inches, so they call me Little Tony, cos Tony Adams is big and tall.  Kolo couldn't believe that there was a baboon like him that was so small, even smaller than Jackson and Lukas.  That makes four sizes of baboon like Kolo.  I arrived in May 2014.

Hello I'm Waverley, named after the steam ship that cruises around the coast of England, because I arrived in Ryde on the same day in September 2014.  I have had a rough life so Kolo brought me he to be part of Baboon HQ where I would have friends.  I have had my tail ripped off by children and my joints are lose so Kolo thinks I have been roughly treated.  I am nearly as big as Kolo.  He gave me his Arsenal hoodie to help me to keep warm and sit up straight.  I am very happy to be here.  Well we all are aren't we!!

Hello I'm Santi-Alexis, named after two Arsenal players who were playing awesomely well at the time I arrived in autumn 2014.  Kolo brought me here because he thought I looked different.  I seem to be a bit like Ryan in one way and like Yaya in another way.  I have great fingers and toes.

Hi I'm Tashi, a big baboon like Kolo.  I arrived in February 2015.  I was going to be used as a party prop by the students' union and Kolo didn't want me to have to suffer that, as it would not have been good for my health and welfare.  I have a Buddhist name because I am a meditative baboon.

Hello I'm Washington, I arrived in September 2015.  @TinyPearlCat sent me from Seattle, when my people had to postpone their holiday to Seattle.  I'm called Washington because I come from Washington State.  I'm quite new at Baboon HQ, but I love it.  Do you like my Arsenal cap?  I'm really getting into British sports.

Hi, hi, hi, I'm Harry, I'm a smaller version of Archie.  I came to Baboon HQ to do a particular job.  Mini-Kolo does all the socialising and has been doing walks, but he is awkward to pose on walks and falls off things.  I don't think he likes country air much.  When MiniBreeze was here Kolo found he was much easier to pose being smaller and more flexible.  So he got me for walks.  Mini-Kolo will continue to do social engagements, but I will do walks and some social engagements.  I haven't actually done anything yet but I got a great scarf and will be starting going on outings in the Christmas holidays.

Hello I'm Oregon, named because Kolo likes going to Oregon, and Washington set the trend for being named after states of the great US of A.  I came from Somerset in England.  Kolo saw that I had been on sale for two years and he decided enough was enough, so here I am.  Just settling in.  Ready for Christmas.  I am a big baboon like Kolo and some people think I am the most like Kolo of all the other baboons.

So that is the eleven that have joined us since we last updated.  We are a large happy troop of baboons.  I think Baboon HQ really is full now.  We had trouble finding somewhere for Oregon to sleep but we did.

So we have eight large baboons, 10 large/medium baboons, 10 small/medium baboons and five small baboons.


  1. Meowza therez iz a lots of you to meet! Iz happy you all iz settling in an luvin it at yer noo home xoxoxo

  2. Oh how fab !!!! SO nice to meet everyone! We just love baboons!!! Bobby says hi to all his kin!!! RosyPoodleKisses!

    1. Lots of love to Bobby Baboon Rosie!!

  3. Lublee to meet yus all!!!! Smashing update, Kolo - 3 squads of Arsenal daft baboons now!! Hav a wunderful Yuletide and a Prosperus New Yeer!!
    Huuggs!!! :O) and :=o)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. What a wonderful update thank you Kolo, I thought Baboon HQ was full to the seams before I met all this jolly nice chaps ho, ho. I think Little Tony is amazing, at 7" he is the smallest of Kolo's look alikes surely!.