Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas eve and Christmas day at Baboon HQ

Christmas eve promised to be a busy day at Baboon HQ so we started with breakfast at French Franks, in Ryde.

Croissants of course.  It was Harry's first visit there.  When we got home there was cooking to do.  Edward started it off by making the apple cake that we baboons have for breakfast at Christmas.

Edward is a methodical baboon so he assembled the ingredients first.

Then he mixed them in the bowl.

Eventually it was ready for the oven.

Then Yaya decided to stew some fruit for breakfast, the pears and nectarines wouldn't ripen so that was the best way to use them, and its very tasty.

Learning from Edward, Yaya assembled the ingredients first.  The he had to cut up the fruit into small pieces.

Once he had done that he mixed in some ginger, allspice and honey and then left it to simmer.

In the meantime Edward's cake was ready to come out of the oven, he left it to cool while he made a veggie lasagna for our dinner.

In the afternoon we walked along the seafront for some fresh air after all that cooking.

You can't see them clearly but Harry found some primroses, on Christmas eve, strange!!

On Christmas morning we ate some of Edward's apple cake for breakfast.

Marley and I found it very tasty, we also had some of Yaya's stewed fruit.  Great team work!

After breakfast some young baboons got a bit over excited.

Little Tony climbed the Christmas tree, silly boy!!  Don't worry we got him down unhurt.

Then Arne got excited about climbing the vegetables and called Ozzie to join him!!  Oh those boys!

We had a lovely light lunch of smoked salmon, salad and baguettes.  Tashi is just waiting for his baguette.  That calmed the little ones down a bit and they watched The Wizard of Oz in the afternoon.

Here are Oregon and Jack just waiting for their dinner, we had mushroom en croute, from Marks and Spencer, roast parsnips, carrots and potatoes and some peas.  It was lovely.

What really interested Jack was the crackers,  yes, Arsenal crackers for Baboon HQ this year!


  1. Wat a luvly day an soooper delishush noms! Meowy Crissymas an happy noo year! xo

  2. Happy New Year baboon HQ from Jose loved reading about your Christmas holiday trips and watching you cook those fab dishes Kolo should publish a cook book. The basket makes a good hiding place !!