Monday, 21 December 2015

21 December - Harry out again!

Harry is taking his duties of finding signs of Christmas very seriously.  Today he decided to go to Bembridge.  Actually he wanted to have breakfast at the Bembridge Bakery, so off we went.  When we got there the bakery had not opened yet so we had a look around.  Harry found some interesting Christmas vegetables at the Bembridge Deli.

Starting with brussel sprouts in their natural state.  Harry was happy to have a picture taken with them, but he didn't want to eat them.  He won't have to, Baboon HQ is not a sprout eating organisation.  Interesting to see the natural state of them though.

He also found these funny coloured baby carrots.  Orange, yes we are used to those, but the pale ones looked like parsnips and the others looked aubergine colour.

The Bembridge Bakery opened and Harry checked out the decorations.  He thought they were nice.  Although there was a manic looking snowman, you can see part of him in the next picture.  You wouldn't want to see his face!! He stared at us all the time.

He enjoyed the breakfast even more.  Toast and marmalade with coffee.  Nothing better than breakfast out!!

When we got back to Ryde we went to buy our own Christmas vegetables.  We went to the fantastic local green grocers Barrow Boys.  We bought potatoes (they advised maris piper for roasting so we got those), carrots and parsnips (all to roast), no sprouts!  While he was there Harry was impressed by the variety of tomatoes.

Multi-coloured like the carrots in Bembridge!  Harry wanted to buy some of each.  We will do but not today.  He thought even the tomatoes looked Christmassy!

Harry is doing well with his outings.  Today he will go to Marks and Spencer to pick  up the mushroom dish we are having instead of turkey.  I wonder what else he will get up to!!

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  1. Hohoho, Harry's on Santa's trail fur shoor! Ey've seen purple carrots befor - they taste just the same as normal wuns, hehe! Lub yellow tomatoes- face it, hoomin likes to try unusual-coloured noms!
    Enjoy yur trip to M&S, Harry, deffo see lotsa signs of Chrissmus in the Food Hall LOL!
    Huuggs! :o) and :=o)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx