Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Harry is out again - 23 December!

Today was a beautiful day and Harry went out again to look for more signs of Christmas.  Harry is young but he knows what to expect from December.  So he was surprised when, from the car, he saw some things he didn't expect in December: snowdrops, primroses, flowering palm trees and daffodils.  It is very warm this winter, so far, so we are seeing strange things.  Anyway Harry started his walk at Horringford and walked to Alverstone.

If you could actually call it walking, someone was walking but was it Harry?  Anyway he found a signpost to Alverstone so he knew where to go.

Alverstone is a very small village on the island, with a vineyard.

He started off walking towards Newchurch which is about half way.  He came across some wintry looking trees.

No leaves, that is reassuring after all of those signs of Spring in December.  After quite a long walk he got to Alverstone and turned back to return to the car.  He was hungry and lunch was the next stop.  We went to Thompson's garden centre at Newchurch.  Look who Harry met there.

He was just sitting resting among the flower pots!  He probably is tired now.  Harry had a look at Christmas wreaths.

This was the one he liked best, very tasteful I'm sure!!  He met this rather unusual reindeer.

I'm not sure he looks quite up to dragging Father Christmas's sleigh around all night tomorrow but who am I to judge!

Then lunch, Harry ordered far too much food, toasted cheese sandwich, salad and chips.  He didn't realise there were crisps with the sandwich.  Never mind, like a good baboon he ate all the salad and the crisps, most of the sandwich and he shared the chips.  Good lad!!

Tomorrow will be Christmas eve, a busy day at Baboon HQ.  Harry will go out for breakfast at French Frank's and then we have lots of cooking to do so a few baboons might join in that.

I think Harry has found Christmas now!


  1. Yyayayayayayayayayayayay for wee Harry xx

  2. Happy Christmas Baboon family......
    Fabby blog
    Fabby food......

  3. It's bin hard fur Harry to find Winter, yes, but his Quest fur Chrissmus has bin beary successful so far, heehee!
    Just 2 mor sleeps as peeps keep reminding us, lol!!
    Huuggs to all at Baboon HQ! :O) and :=o)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx