Thursday, 31 December 2015

Macaroni cheese a la Baboon HQ

Yesterday we were planning to go out for a curry in the evening, but the weather was so bad that we decided to stay at home and cook.  We only had ingredients for macaroni cheese, so that is what we cooked.  Like everyone we, at Baboon HQ, have our favourite flavourings.  Tashi volunteered to cook.

He started by getting the ingredients ready, including our favourite flavourings and the Baboon HQ secret topping.

He cooked the pasta and made the cheese sauce, adding our favourite Baboon HQ flavourings.  Well it may be a strange combination to other people but we like our macaroni cheese with black pepper, paprika and thyme.  Those are not the flavourings that the recipe suggests but we like it.

Before putting it in the oven Tashi had to add our secret Baboon HQ topping.  So, to let you into the secret, along with the grated cheese we put half a bag of crushed Walkers Sensations chili flavoured crisps (to our readers from outside of the the UK Walkers are known as Lays in other countries).  We think it is yummy!!

Once the macaroni cheese was in the oven Tashi prepared some green beans to have with the macaroni cheese.  Once they were boiling there was one job left to do, lots and lots of washing up.  That is when Tashi disappeared.

Ah ha!! That is why the large laundry basket was chosen is it!  Tashi is hiding from the washing up.  Well I guess he has worked hard cooking so fair enough!!

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  1. mmmm macaroni an cheeze iz so nommy! Iz bet you nommed it all gone xoxo