Monday, 21 December 2015

20 December - Harry looks for signs of Christmas

On Friday our people started their holidays for Christmas, so on Sunday Harry Baboon decided to go out and search for signs of Christmas.  He decided to go to Yarmouth, where Mini-Kolo and #MiniBreeze have walked.  He had to get there by car.  He thought he could drive but that didn't work out so well!!

He was starting his walk in Freshwater at the End of the Line cafe so he has coffee first.

He found his first signs of Christmas in the cafe.

First the candle!

Then cranberry sauce and mincemeat, which is not meat at all!!

After coffee he walked down the disused railway to Yarmouth and then back to Freshwater.  Back in the car they drove to Yarmouth, where Harry found the next sign of Christmas.

Holly!!  Don't worry he isn't actually sitting on the prickly holly!

When the rain started there was a dash for Gossips cafe.  When #MiniBreeze was there he got a good view but Harry just saw the rain.  Never mind he will go back there on better days.  Anyway he was really there for lunch.

Cheese and pineapple melt!!  Very tasty!!  After lunch he checked out the cafe decorations.

Plenty of fir tree branches and pine cones.

Well that was Harry's first outing.  He will be chasing down more signs of Christmas tomorrow!!


  1. Meowy Crissymas Harry an efurryone!

  2. Purrrr Harry is sure cute! Happy Christmas, Kolo and pals.

  3. Purrrr Harry is sure cute! Happy Christmas, Kolo and pals.

  4. Must say ey envy Harry that pineapple and cheese melt - got the pineapple but no cheese!!! Grrrand job wiv yur furst outing, Harry!!! Huuggs and kissies to all at Baboon HQ! :o) and :=o)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Good to see Harry get out and about!

  6. What a nice adventure they had. Nice meeting you Harry.