Saturday, 26 September 2015

September rehomings

Four baboons have found new homes this September.  I am sure you will be interested in reading about them.

The first rehoming involved two baboons.  John, the larger one and Tom the smaller one have gone to live with our dear Obe (@ajstenaka).  They have been adopted by him and his wife @wellytopping.  They are living in the United States with Obe but WellyTopping is also an adopter.

John and Tom were tired when they arrived but after a sleep they enjoyed a cup of tea.  Baboons do enjoy tea.

After that they went on a drive in the car to an Italian festival.

What fun they are having!!  They are well settled in.

Another baboon to find a new loving home in September is Sharif.  He is also living in the United States with Tuxies Mum (@ms_inwa).  This baboon is also having an exciting time he has been on a holiday to Astoria in Oregon (we baboons have been to Oregon and liked it so much we went back), and taken an interest in shipping lanes and barges on the Columbia River.  

We know that all of these baboons will have a great life in their new loving homes.

The fourth rehoming was a baboon who has been rehomed with us, at Baboon HQ.

Washington Baboon, in the middle arrived at Baboon HQ today from @TinyPearCat in Seattle.  He has come to live with us and Yaya and I welcomed him with bananas.  He is jet lagged and was hungry but he is happy to be here.  We love him very much.  Thank you dear Pearl for sending him to us.

Thank you for reading about the rehomings and thank you for everyone who has rehomed a baboon to two.


  1. Hurrah for more rehomins my pal...

  2. Baboon waves frum Paco and Teddywaves frum me - happy dayz! :O) and :=o)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Tom and John love the blog Kolo!����