Sunday, 20 September 2015

Goodbye #MiniBreeze

Its been a sad weekend at Baboon HQ.  We always knew that #MiniBreeze would be moving on one day, but its still very sad when it happens.  He has been with us since April so we are very used to him and we love him.  We had lots of fun but the time had to come.

I gave him lots of very big hugs on Friday evening.

We made sure he had his favourite dinner of fish and chips.  This time he chose scampi which is very popular at Baboon HQ.

If there is one thing we have learned from having #MiniBreeze here and taking him out for photos, it is that he is much easier to pose for photos than Mini-Kolo, and this is because he is a beany.

For this reason Harry had come to join us, he is a young cousin of our Archie and he is a beany, not much bigger than #MiniBreeze.  Mini-Kolo will still go out and about and meet people but Harry will be going on walks as well.  Mini-Kolo tends to fall off things unless he can be really secured and Harry won't.  However, don't worry Mini-Kolo will still get out and if we are at a tweet-up he won't miss it.

#Mini-Breeze gave Harry lots of hints and tips for his new job.

Well sadly Saturday morning came.  At Baboon HQ we are used to goodbyes because of our rehoming programme, its always sad but #MiniBreeze has been part of the family for so long it was extra sad and I couldn't face it, being an old softy, so Tashi and @Leroy_Sealion packed him up in his box to be posted on.  They put warm, comfortable bubble wrap in as he is going all the way to Australia.

Finally the time came to do up the box and take him to the post office.  We were all very sad.  We hope he has a good journey down to Australia and a great summer there.  We did not manage to do everything we wanted to with #MiniBreeze but he did do lots.  Maybe Harry will show you some more things.  Make sure you are following @PepiSmartDog for more adventures from #MiniBreeze.

My next blog will be about two more successful baboon rehomings, so keep a look out.

Goodbye #MiniBreeze, travel safely.  We love you!!


  1. Safe journey! Will look out for the travel updates!!

  2. MiniBreeze has had a fabby holibob on the IOW and S.Engerland fanks to Baboon HQ and now he's heading fur Australian sun, yayayay!!! Bon Voyage MB!! (condolens cuddles to those he leeves behind....) Huuggs :O) and :=o)xxxxxxxxxxxx