Thursday, 3 September 2015

#MiniBreeze back at Bembridge

#MiniBreeze asked us to take him back to Bembridge as he had not seen everything there that he wanted to.  We went today and he saw what he wanted to.  We started at the Bembridge Bakery.

Where he looked at the menu to choose his breakfast.

Well who could resist the marmalade and toast?

Once #MiniBreeze had had his enormous breakfast we set of walking.  #MiniBreeze wasted no time in renewing his acquaintance with Her Majesty's Coastguard Search and Rescue service.

We walked on along the wooded coastal path and #MiniBreeze did some tree climbing as he always does.

We went on a bit further and we could hear voices from beneath us.  When we got to a break in the trees we could see some children were canoeing in the sea.

It looked and sounded like fun.

After a while we started climbing a hill and #MiniBreeze could see views in all directions.

This is looking back towards the town of Bembridge and the sea.

This is looking slightly further west towards Ryde and the mainland.  You can just see the Solent (the channel between the island and the mainland), in the distance.

We climbed right up this path to the top of Culver Down, it was steep!  Going up was one thing, coming down was quite another, but not for #MiniBreeze, four legs are much better than two in these situations.

On the way back #MiniBreeze took time to sit in the sun and look out to sea, this is the English Channel to the south of the island.

When we got slightly further down we could look back up at where we had been.  We had climbed up to the monument on top of the down, you can just see the steep path to the left of the picture.  In the foreground is a holiday park just above the lovely beach.

Now this is what #MiniBreeze really wanted to see, the Bembridge lifeboat.  It is quite an important all weather Tamar class lifeboat that goes out to rescue people from ships at sea and can go out whatever the weather.

#MiniBreeze checked out the equipment that the lifeboat men wear in the all weather lifeboat.  It is quite impressive and designed to keep them safe while they are rescuing people.

We got around to the front of the lifeboat.  It is very big and impressive and the lifeboat station is built to accommodate it and make it easy to launch.

#MiniBreeze loved the lifeboat he likes mechanical things and he likes service vehicles so the coastguard and the lifeboat make Bembridge a very special place for him.


  1. That was great MiniBreeze, though you probably wouldn't have got me out of the cafe! Great views though - so great to see them. Loved the lifeboat too - I do like to support the RNLI. Thanks for the tour MB

  2. Teh boat iz nice but Iz rilly like teh bakery best!

  3. The English Channel luks fabby in the sunnyshines, reel Riviera stylee!
    Big yay!! fur the coastguard/lifeboats men and wummen, bless yus all!
    Huuggs frum :O) and :=o)xxxxxxxxxxxx