Thursday, 10 September 2015

#MiniBreeze meets the monkeys

Another thing that #MiniBreeze was determined to do before he left us, was to go to the Owl and Monkey Haven on the island.  Unfortunately it was quite hot and the monkeys were not really very active, but he did get to meet them and chat to some.  He also met some interesting birds.

These Capuchin monkeys have always been quite reticent when we have visited them.  They seem OK with humans but they have never liked us baboons, we were surprised that they responded to #MiniBreeze in the same way, we thought it was because we are primates.  However, he did get to chat with them a bit.

We were all really happy to meet these chaps.  They are Barbary macaques, the same kind of apes that live on the island of Gibraltar.  We always feel that they have a lot in common with us baboons.  They were friendly.

This little squirrel monkey was chatty.  It is a little difficult to see him because he was behind glass so we got lots of reflections.  He was pleased to meet #MiniBreeze.

The lemurs, like some of the others were not playing, this one is hiding in the corner and being sulky.

We decided to go and visit the birds and come back to see whether any of the monkeys were playing later.

#MiniBreeze was happy to meet this kookaburra because he is going to Australia soon and thought he would recognize a kookaburra if he meets one again.  Some owls were sleeping but didn't mind having pictures taken.

They are quite handsome.  By the time #MiniBreeze had met the owls some of the monkeys were being more friendly.

The gibbons were a bit preoccupied with looking at something but they did chat with #MiniBreeze.

The marmosets were climbing and not happy to come down, but they are always sweet.

These cotton top tamarinds were friendly and very handsome.  We had a long chat with them.

These tamarinds were grooming and playing but they stopped for a chat.

#MiniBreeze climbed up to meet this Lars Gibbon, he was friendly and chatty.  We think they are very handsome chaps!!

The meercats are new at the haven and they are always fun and popular.  They were doing their lookout jobs well of course.

#MiniBreeze decided to have his photo taken as a monkey!!

It wasn't the most sociable visit to the haven but #MiniBreeze saw enough to make his visit worthwhile.

He did a couple of other things today.  We walked along from Ryde to Seaview, the next town eastwards along the coast.  #MiniBreeze visited a boat yard where they make lovely handmade wooden boats.  We were not buying a boat.  We at Baboon HQ are not sailing fans, despite living on an island that is famous for sailing.  However, we think these handmade boats are beautiful.

As a cat #MiniBreeze doesn't welcome suggestions of going on water.  He would never make a ship's cat! This is the nearest he gets to water, the boats are on the slipway!!

We also walked around to Bembridge, this time we didn't go to the bakery, we introduced #MiniBreeze to the strange Pilot Boat Inn, which is shaped like a boat.

We have a couple more adventures to have with #MiniBreeze including back to Bembridge tomorrow for breakfast at the bakery.

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  1. How fun! Iz like thoze owls an monkeys lots.