Sunday, 6 September 2015

#MiniBreeze sees sun sea and berries

Today was a beautiful day on the island and we decided to take a shorter, but very interesting walk.  This walk is about five miles long and is in one of the most beautiful parts of the island, to the north west around a village called Newtown.  We started by parking in Shalfleet village and walking along the road to Newtown.

#MiniBreeze is always fascinated by the produce he sees on sale by the roadside.  This stall had marrows, plums, apples, flowers and runner beans.  We bought some runner beans to have with our dinner tonight.  We walked on and soon #MiniBreeze came to a bridge where he could see the creek.

The creek is prettier when the tide is in but it is a nice spot to catch a sun puddle.  We walked on and #MiniBreeze saw this building in the distance.

It was all on its own by the side of the lane.  We walked around it.

#MiniBreeze decided to sunbathe outside the building before investigating.

On investigation he found that it was:

Newtown Old Town Hall.  This is a Georgian building, it is not used now.  What a tiny town hall!

#MiniBreeze like the views around here, he likes countryside.

Newtown is a pretty village with cottages like this.  It is very small with a tiny high street with a few cottages and no shops.

#MiniBreeze climbed on the old town pump, this is where the people of the village used to come to get their water.  It was installed in 1894 and restored in 1983, but it is no longer in use, of course!

Moving on we came to the church.  It is Sunday so we did not go in but #MiniBreeze looked from the outside.  Then we carried on into a field.

#MiniBreeze was surprised to see masts of boats on the other side of the field.

We walked around the field and onto the harbour wall.

We could see to the little town harbour from there.

At the harbour #MiniBreeze found a boat to play on.  It was on land so he didn't get to sail it.

We walked back to the town along this boardwalk, its quite long and interesting.

One of the features of this area is that they get a lot of different, interesting birds here.  I must be honest and say baboons do not make good bird watchers.  We are friendly with birds we meet but we are not good at staying still for long and being quiet so Mini-Kolo doesn't tend to stop here when he does this walk.  Of course #MiniBreeze, being a cat, is more interested in birds and he stopped to see what birds had been seen there.

We carried on and soon came to a woodland walk.  #MiniBreeze likes woods because he can climb trees and we are in agreement with him there.  Climbing trees is one of the many things that baboons and cats have in common.

#MiniBreeze saw another bird watching hut on a causeway out in the harbour.

The we turned back and walked back to Shalfleet a different way.

We met some very nice looking cows and stopped for a chat.

Baboons are a bit dismissive of bird watching but we do love fruit and #MiniBreeze stopped to gather some blackberries for us.  You find lots of blackberries on this walk.

#MiniBreeze also found these mushrooms.  As none of us at Baboon HQ know much about mushrooms we decided to leave them in the field.  Some ladies died a few years ago on the island after picking mushrooms, so we do not pick them, we buy them in the shops, but #MiniBreeze was fascinated to see how they grow.

Finally, back in Shalfleet #MiniBreeze met some friendly ducks in the mill pond, and stopped for a chat!!


  1. Another great walk for #MiniBreeze - thanks for sharing

  2. Wat luvly cottages an seenery. Iz like teh birdies bestest!

  3. WOW, MiniBreeze is getting quite the tour. I'm happy you took us on it too. Love seeing your island because it's your island. he he

  4. #MiniBreeze loves berries! You are a great host, Kolo!