Thursday, 5 April 2012

Update on the baboon re-homing

Yesterday somebody asked me how many baboons had been re-homed so far.  I was not sure but I keep an adoption book here at baboon HQ so I counted up and, including two who are travelling right now, there have been 29 re-homings so far.  There are also two baboons who are ready to leave as soon as I can get boxes for them and some more going through hugging school at the moment.

I had hoped the baboons would be helpful around the house and make people happy, as well as getting loving homes for themselves.  As you know I always say:

Every home needs a baboon
Every baboon needs a home

Well it seems to be working and my friends seem to be very happy with their baboons and the baboons seem to be very happy with them.  That makes me very happy too.  I don't think people know how baboons can spread happiness.

There have been so many re-homings lately and such a demand for baboons that I couldn't possibly show photos of all of them in their new homes or I would put you all to sleep, but here are a couple.

Thierry vanPersie Baboon is making himself useful around the house by making that great favourite of baboon dishes, pizza.  He has obviously settled in well.

Boise Baboon who lives with our dear Dusty and Hurley was so keen to meet them that he grabbed some scissors before he was packed up so that he could cut his own way out.  Dusty looks totally unperturbed by a baboon cutting his way out of a parcel, I guess therapy dogs are more resillient than most.

Ryhlan has been making himself very much at home, look banana pizza I'm not sure if its the one Thierry vanPersie Baboon was making but it looks yummy!

Dear little Petie Baboon arrived just in time to deliver some much needed hugs to Lily after our dear @PetietheCat went OTRB.  I think all baboons are honoured by the fact that she was named after dear Petie and delivered such much needed comfort.

I wish I could show more pictures but there are so many.

I thought I would show you all what your baboons go through in hugging school before they get to you.  Ryhlan is a very outgoing baboon and he was happy to have his classes photographed.

Here he is being shown how to give a hug to an anipal of similar size to him.  One of the instructors is giving instruction while another watches to see he is doing it properly.

Before they can graduate from hugging school they must show that they can hug a delicate friend without damaging them.  This can be very useful for baboons because we are not always the most delicate animals.  Our dear little 80 year old bear Frederick bravely lets them practice on him.

He has never been damaged.

Of course the final thing in hugging school is their goodbye hug from me.  This is always a bitter sweet occasion for me.  I love the baboons to go to loving homes and take happiness and hugs with them but I am always sad to say goodbye.

No pictures of that because I don't think seeing me with tears in my eyes is very good for my image.

Well I know that everyone wants to know which baboons came top of their hugging class.  Well the answer is that they all did.  I have only ever sent out baboons who are great huggers and have a lot of lvoe to give.  The instructors in the school are unrehomable but are still excellent huggers and teachers.

I have an idea about the unrehomable instructors.  They can't sing, they can't dance, of course they must be a boy band!  Wait for the news of a new boy band hitting the headlines, Baboonarama!


  1. What a wonderful gift you gave each of us who received a rehomed baboon Kolo! My Petie has been a wonderful source of comfort since she arrived on that sad day when @PetietheCat went OTRB. The hugging instructors did an amazing job training her - she's a pawsome ((HUGGER))! I tip my cap to them & look forward to seeing Baboonarama perform soon!
    Thanks so muches for being such a wonderful furiend to all Kolo - am blessed to call you my furiend! Love you! (((HUGS)))

  2. wot a wundahful blog fank yew kolo, its reely luffly too heer moor abowt baboon hq nd all th baboons who haf fownd wundahful furevah howms!

    wee ar delited yew desided that wee cud bee a howm fur nyani nd wee luff havin him heer. nyani nd archie fuzzy haf becum bestest pals nd nyani is full of stories nd jokes nd luv..

    it is bowf a plessure nd onnor too bee a howm wif a baboon at its hart!

  3. Annuvva wunderful catchup wiv the alumni of the Hug Academy! Wot the wurld needs is mor hugging - to comfort in times of sadness, and to make smiles wider in times of joy.(Joy is always best shared). Nought rong wiv a cheeky cuddle eeva, ey say, hehe! Paco wil be owt and abowt town wiv a camera wen the cherry blossoms bloom, until then he's staying close and cosy wich is betta than alrite by me!
    Kolo yoo ar a fantastic Dean of Hug Academy! Huuuggs and kisses xxxxx

  4. DUSTY: We just love dear Bosie Baboon, Kolo. He arrived exactly when Scribe needed baboon hugs and has been busy ever since. He actually makes Scribe smile, just by looking at her, in addition to all the hugs he shares daily.
    HURLEY: He's even hugged Scribe to sleep while she's staying in the Living Room, where my 'recovery' crate is, at night with me. It's so nice that Bosie. Scribe, Dusty and I are all together every night. When I need assistance, Bosie gently hugs Scribe and she wakes up to help me. Thanks, Kolo, for the love and hugs you are sharing with the world and for rehoming such wonderful baboons. Blessings!

  5. KOLO
    We can never thank you enough for sending Ryhlan to stay with us.
    He has been such a joy already!!
    Although he is a fantastic hugger as you showed above, he is also someone you have to keep your eye on every minute.
    But we are having fun exploring everything ...
    momma been taking pictures so we can share our adventures. *S*
    Hugs to you Kolo for opening your heart and sharing this joy with so many.........

  6. What gorgeous huggy baboons you train. I guess it's because you have such a warm and loving personality yourself.

  7. We are so happy with Koko. He has just fit right into our home like he always lived here. We can't thank you enough for sending him to us. Oh, I did a bloggy yesterday introducing him to the world. M couldn't believe how smart Koko is and what a good cook too. She's very impressed. Thank you again for trusting Koko in our care.

  8. My Marco is really enjoyiing his silkpainting classes ....mind u he keeps gettin interrupted by the ladies wanting hugggs !!!! I don't think he minds xx teeeheee

  9. Barnabas just loves hanging around in our cat tree. We have so much fun playing in it together. Our antics even make Mom laugh! Thank you again for sending him to us.

  10. Meowza its pawsome seeing all teh wonnerful baboons taking their hugs to noo famblies! We all luvs Lulu so much but espeshly me an we play efurry day. Lulu likes to clime an jump just like me an I luvs her! xoxox

  11. Oh my baboon is Morse Russ Berrie and came from Kolo's house, He loves pizza and banana too. I haven't known cleverest detective monkey. hugs hugs

  12. Hi there, Kolo, we just came to say hello. We saw the baboon at Mario's home. You sure are good at training all these baboons. We don't do Twitter much cause our Mom doesn't know much about doing Twitter. Good to meet you.

  13. You are so wonderful to rehome baboons, Kolo!!! I adore senior critters, so Frederick has a very special place in my heart. Give him an extra hug from us here across the pond!!! Hugzzzzzzzzzzz to all of you and have a wonderful Friday and weekend! RAY, CHASE & TIPPER -- @DaneRay

  14. Hurray for baboons! You guys are da best. You is doin very valuable work for our communitee and we silly enjoy seein all the reports from orotund the werld. Keep up da good werk my dear pal.

  15. Fantastic werk from the baboon posse! Hurray. We love the hug training. I am apply to volunteer to make sure hugging do be safe for dogs if ever there is a need. Woof