Saturday, 21 April 2012

Baboon re-homing update - March baboons

Well the re-homing is still going strong, we won't rest easy at baboon HQ until all baboons have loving homes and all our friends who would like to re-home a baboon have done so.  The process is not always quick because we work hard to find the right baboon for each friend.  So far it seems to be going well.  Here is how the baboons that were re-homed in March are doing.

The first baboon to leave baboon HQ in March was a little girl baboon who was keen to live in California.  She was already called Honey and was very excited to go and meet @pinkbunny, Grey and girl and boy.  Leroy was able to tell how all about LA and pink bunny so she didn't need to be nervous when she left.

Honey was very happy to meet pinkbunny.

@jazzydacat agreed to adopt a little girl baboon and her even smaller brother, they called them BooBoo and Jubliee after a present of monkeys that was given to the King of England in 1935.

These too little baboons are very happy with Jazzy and Jazzy is helping BooBoo to look after little Jubilee.  They are having lots of adventures in London.

We know that our great friend @BorisKitty is a SciFi nut, so when a pointy eared baboon called Spock who is an avid SciFi fan arrived at the re-homing centre there was only one destination for him.  You can see he his having a lot of fun over there with Boris and his family.  Its not every baboon that gets to go out for Indian food (not even me).

How lucky is that!!

Another baboon with a special interest arrived at Baboon HQ.  This one was a keen detective called Morse, well again, you can guess where he needed to go and live.

 Morse has been on adventures to the beach already and had pancakes.  I am sure he and Spencer will soon be working on cases although Morse will happy watch and not interfere.

Our two dear therapy dogs @justanothertrend, Dusty and Hurley, along with Scribe and Pop, agreed to open their home to a baboon.  We sent them a very gentle huggy baboon, who had had a home before and needed the right sort of loving home.  Boise (an old Scots word for hug) has been making himself at home with Dusty and Hurley and giving lots and lots of loving hugs.  He has been on a trip with Scribe and Pop.  I think he found looking around antique shops exciting but tiring.  He found a chair to rest on.

I think Boise is a big part of the family and they are all very happy. It is so good to see all baboons in their new loving homes but especially one whose previous home didn't work out.

Our good friend @BlindMaximus also agreed to open his home to a baboon.  When his baboon arrived he named him Symon after Iron Chef Symon.  You can see that Symon has been aptly named as he seems to be a bit of a chef.

He has joined the right home.

One last baboon left here in March and that turned out to be a very special event.  @LilyLuWhoT's baboon arrived on the very sad day that our dear @Petiethecat crossed OTRB.  Lily named her baboon after Petie and little Petie, who is a girl baboon, is very honoured by being named after such a wonderful anipal.  I think Petie is a great name for a girl and it honours all of us baboons to have one of our number named after such a great friend.  Petie brought smiles to Lily on a very sad day.

Petie and Lily have become great friends and both seem to be very happy playing together.

So again, thank you to my friends for opening their homes to baboons.  There is a little waiting list now for baboons but everyone who wants to re-home a baboon will get one.  I always make sure its the right baboon for the new home so that everyone should be very happy together.

April is still underway with a couple of baboons still travelling and a couple more waiting to leave for their new homes.  When all of those have arrived I will blog about the April baboons.

Thank you for reading about the re-homed baboons and being interested in them.  I always like to hear how they are getting on so any updates are always welcome at Baboon HQ.


  1. Fantastic to see such happy Baboons xx Marco was thrilled to see his family

  2. You are doing a fantastic job, Kolo and Judiff! XXX BooBoo and Jubilee get more "adventurous (NORTY)" every day but are so, so loving! XXXXX

  3. Monty is very excited to hear all the news!

    Also, none of us knew about the origin of the word 'Boise'!

  4. Wow, such a huge programme you got there my pal. You deserve a Nobel prize.......we did be a bit sniffly reading bout Petie baboon.

  5. *waves and sniggles* to all my baboon friends.
    Me and Huntyr are having a blast together.
    If all you other baboons are even half as happy as I am in my new home, its a special world, for sure!!!

    (this is written with help from huntyr (and momma))

  6. It is lovely to see all these Baboons getting fantastic new homes. Hugs

  7. OMC - You have been busy rehoming all those baboons. Great job. We sure are happy with KoKo and he seems to be happy with us,

  8. DUSTYY: Thanks for the update, Kolo. Scribe read it to Bosie and Hurley and me. Bosie was very happy to see how his classmates that were re-homed in March are doing in their new homes.
    HURLEY: Bosie is enjoying life in Maryland, and is excited because when we go to Canada this summer, Bosie is going along. He'll meet Lizzie @HaveyouHerd, @Niqqi, @BigBoyBosco, and @Trailerparkdogs when all of them go to the Tweetup at Beautiful Joe's Park in Meaford, Canada!
    DUSTY: Bosie gives great hugs and is also helpful. He helped when Scribe clipped us with our new Puppy Cuts!

  9. Oh my goodness that is so very sweet seeing all the happy baboons and what an honour that dear Lily named her sweet baboon after my dear kitteh Petie. By the way how do you get on the list to give a home to a baboon? Is there any left that need a good home? I have some room now :(

  10. @PepiSmartDog: Kolo I LOVE THIS !!!
    Would you please consider us adopting one of your Baboons? He or she would be here with myself, @TeddyRupert and our 3 kitteh-sibs. We would take very good care of them.
    Love the way you are educating all of us to the beauty and skillz of baboons, worldwide ! XXX

  11. absolyewtly wundahfull kolo... wee do luff beein a baboon furends howm nd nyani baboon is so mutch pawt of the famlee i carnt imagin beein wifowt him!

  12. Oh, Kolo, it is such a wonderful thing you're doing. We have so much fun with Symon and are so thankful you chose us to be his new home!

  13. Oh We are glad that Morse arrived and lives with me. hugs hugs I'm planing an othre adventures with my baboon friend. :)

  14. kolo that dus be mayzin wot yoo is dooin an dus be th bestist prowgram wot i dus no bowt. yoo is maykin th werld a betta playss for shor

  15. U r doin an apetastic job ere Kolo.

  16. Thank you so much for bringing Petie the baboon into my life! She's such a joy, I know she must have been at the top of her ((HUGGING)) class! Her arrival on such a sad day put a smile on our faces - she's honored to share her name with our wonderful furiend Petie. All the rehomed baboons are bringing joy to their new families and having fun! You're so wonderful for making sure eaah baboon goes to just the right family! You ROCK Kolo! ((HUGS)) ((HUGS)) ((HUGS))