Sunday, 29 April 2012

The story continues

How many of you remember this?

If you don't then the full story is here, it will fill you in on the details, but to cut a long story short this was the moment my person and I realised I was not the only baboon like me.  In fact, we realised I was not even the only baboon like me on the island.

Tis baboon worried me because he looked as though he had never been hugged.  He worked in the shop all day and lived there at night, and did not have a proper home.  It was a shock to me that there were baboons who did not have homes and that is how the whole baboon re-homing programme started.

Anyway, back to the point.  This baboon had an important job to do in the shop and could not come and live at Baboon HQ with us.  It was suggested that he might be able to at some time in the future but I didn't really think that would ever happen.  We left our phone number with the shop lady and hoped that one day we might hear from her, but we really didn't expect to.

Well, last Wednesday I was working on re-homing business at Baboon HQ and my phone bleeped to tell me that I had received a text message.

Imagine my surprise when I read the message and saw that it was from the shop lady, saying that he could come and live at Baboon HQ.  I texted back saying that I was very happy and that I would ask my people to come and collect him on Saturday.  The lady agreed and it was all systems go.

I still knew that I wouldn't believe he would come here until he arrived.  Yesterday my people went to collect him.  He had not seen much of the outside before, only Ventnor High Street, so he sat up eagerly looking out of the window all the way here.

When he arrived we stared at each other and we were both very nervous and shy.  He has not see other baboons before and I was nervous because he was shy.

Well we are not identical as you can see but we are really the same family.  He is much more plush than I am but that is because he has not been hugged like I have.  I used to be plush like that.

Look at me here!  I was really dark too. He may have been as dark as me but he has been sitting in a sunny window so he may be faded!

He was very shy and we are letting him settle in in his own good time. 

He has only ever eaten bananas before.  Baboons love bananas but we do like other food as well.  This morning he tried raspberries and blueberries.  I think he likes them.

Yes he is sitting exactly where I was sitting in the picture above!!  He seemed to like the new food!

He may take a while to settle in, he has been working all this time and needs to find out about living with a family and other baboons.  When he is more familiary with his new life we will have a Twitter event to welcome him, and maybe to raise some money for a baboon charity.

There is probably one question you are still asking!  You probably want to know what his name is!  Well, it is Edward!  So please welcome Edward to Baboon HQ and I hope you will get to know him when he has settled in.


  1. that dus be abslootly triffik kolo an i say ello edwud an welcom to yor new ome. kolo dus be grayt frend an i shor yoo an im wil soon be grayt frends. it dus be verry egsytin time for evrrywun

    uggs an luvs from us al .. Henry

  2. that is fabyewlos knews kolo! i am delited edward has cum howm too baboon hq nd hee will bee luvd nd lern all abowt huggin! i also luff th ideer of a twittah event nd suppawt fur a charity *hugs* yay fur edward nd yew nd baboons!

  3. WOt apply news my pal. We got a new house-mate this week and we kno ow paw some it is but your news is even more excitin cos it was such a nice surprise. We look forward to reading about Edward's adventures and wotchin him make pals. Big hugs for all at Baboon HQ

  4. Monty is very excited to hear the news! Happy new home to Edward. I bet has lots of good stories about the shop to tell!

    Love from us all,


  5. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to dearest Edward! Paco is soooo happy that the baboon that inspired the rehoming programme has a howm at last! Paco wus shy too but fownd meeting Marco on Noo Year's Day at Auntie Kafleen's howse brought him rite owt of his shell from the get go. Hugs wil do the rest dear Edward nd hugs ar the speshiality of Baboon HQ - Yoo'll be alrite Petal, trooly.
    Big soft huuggs frum me and Paco xxxxxx

  6. Edward !!!! yes !!! perfect name for a fine looking Baboon.Everyday you will notice a change in how you feel cos you are being surrounded by the best love a Baboon could have.Pasihuggggs from me nd Marco xx

  7. *waving paws wildly* hi hi hi hi.. oh Edward if it wasnt for you I wouldnt be living with Huntyr now... and look how happy I am. I know you cant see me cuz I dont have my own acct here but I am happy, I am really happy living with Huntyr and I gots you to thank for inspiring Kolo...
    I am coming over soon to see you and gives you a huge hug hello....
    Ryhlan, a baboon from Kolo school of hugging.........

    Hello Edward, I guess ryhlan kinda summed up what both of us is feeling.
    Welcome to our twitter family... I looks forward to getting to know you better.

  8. and a Huge Hugs Hugs Hugs and GruffHello to Mr Edward here - a fine specimen of Baboon, we saw him over at Twitter, he looks even better over here settling into his new home and Hugging training regime no doubt! I think he already looked to be smiling at the raspberries there! and I think he knows he has come to a warm, loving family home now and though he was cared for enough before, and no doubt saw a lot of the world there through his old window, I think he now looks to be getting a bit more exited at the thought of all the good times to come living with Kolo's he will likely be a marvellous addition to Baboon HQ as he looks so kindly, strong and intelligent too...he obviously is a smart gent as he seems to take great pride in his appearance, what with that lovely bow tie there? Yes, I am convinced, truly a day for celebration all round here, a little bit of good news to brighten up this pretty dark, very wet day here in Yorkshire! Waggs and Licks to Edward - welcome home!! x

  9. ohh welcome to Edward- what a lovely home he will have with you.

  10. It so nice to learn how da re-homing program started. We thank yoo soo much fur sending MandiDaMandrill to live wif us. He luvs hugs and did yoo know his name Mandi means "lovable"...and him iz! Him not shy at all and very outgoing. Him even haz hiz own Twitter acct @Mandidamandrill. We can't wait to share more pics and stories of him and me. LUV YOO Kolo! TigerBoyTheCat and Auntie

  11. Thierry van Persie Baboon29 April 2012 at 06:57

    Yayayayayayayaya!! Welcome, Edward - you'll have a wonderful life with Kolo, and more hugs than you ever knew existed!! Feel like you a friend already, 'cos I & lots of other baboons wouldn't have a home without your inspiration - you a very important baboon, and it great to hear that at last you're going to catch up with all the hugs you've missed.

    Looking forward to talking much more with you when you've had a chance to settle in - in the meantime, hugs hugs hugs...

    PS Try pizza - you'll love it!

  12. DUSTY: Welcome to Edward! It's so wonderful that the lady at the shop decided to let him come live in your home, Kolo. HURLEY: *whispers* Edward, you will soon feel less shy and have such a wonderful time, each day, with Kolo. DUSTY: Thanks for sharing the photos, Kolo. It's such a wonderful thing that you've rescued Edward from working all day and being alone in the shop all night. You're a true HERO!

  13. DUSTY: Oh, dear, Bosie just spoke up and said "Hey, I want to welcome Edward to Kolo's Baboon Headquarters, too!" HURLEY: Bosie is sending big, gentle hugs to Edward.

  14. So thrilled to hear you've come to live with Kolo, Edward - he's already told us all about you, & we've all been keeping our paws crossed that you'd have a chance to join his troop someday. Kolo is a wonderful baboon, and it thanks to him that so many of us now are privileged to have baboons as members of our family. He a great ambassador for baboons efurrywhere, & of course a big supporter of the greatest football team!!

    Thierry & I would love to be part of an event to welcome you, and to help raise money for a baboon charity. Not all baboons are fortunate enough to meet someone like Kolo who is kind to them and helps them find good homes, and it would be lovely to be able to do something to help them.

    When you're ready, I hope you'll let us know what we can do to help :-)

    Lots of purrs and pawhugs! xoxoxoxo

  15. Wow!!! Good fings come to thems wot waits! Welcome home Edward - you and Kolo are wonderful bruvvas wot is gonna av great times togeva!! xxxxxxx

  16. Edward still looks a bit sad but I'm sure he'll settle in quickly. The dragons find things a bit overwhelming when they first come to stay with us but they soon realise they are loved and part of a family. Poor Edward hasn't been used to having lots of attention but I'm sure he'll love living with you.

  17. Barnabas and I say Welcome Edward to family living. There's nothing like it. I'm sure working in a shop was furry interesting at times, but it must have mostly been lonely and boring sitting in that window day and night. You're gonna love living with Kolo and his family. Concatulations!

  18. Oh I'm so happy you were able to rescue that baboon, We were getting so worried about him being locked in that window all the time. Now he will have a good, forever home.

  19. I remember the original story, Kolo, and I'm glad that Edward has been retired to Baboon HQ. I know that he'll be well-cared for by you and everyone there. I'm so happy for all of you!!! Hugzzzzzzzzzzz .... RAY, CHASE & TIPPER

  20. Great to see that Edward is living with you and I bet his fluff will go down soon of all the hugging.