Saturday, 14 April 2012

Baboon love revisited

Since my post of last week where I showed pictures of a few of the re-homed baboons a lot of people have asked to see all the baboons.  I am very happy to show all the baboons cos they are all so happy and their new families seem to be very happy to have them.  I cannot post pictures of all of them in one posting Blogger won't let me so I am going to do this in stages month by month and today I will look at February which was a very busy month for re-homing at baboon HQ.

For those who didn't see the first wave of re-homings between November 2011 and January 2012 I blogged about them in January

In February 10 families agreed to re-home baboons, so here they are.

ShaynaCat re-homed Thierry vanPersie Baboon, guess what team he supports.

Thierry soon made himself at home with some interesting reading, but he is also making himself very useful around the house and even servicing the car.  He pops up on Twitter every so often as @ThierryVPBaboon.

Thierry's twin sister went in a different direction to join our dear friend @Pandafur in Arizon.  She is having fun there and is much loved by Pandafur.

Lulu has fun climbing in Pandora's cat tree and they play together a lot.

MariodaCat and Pumpkinpuddy adopted twin brothers.

Mario and Koko chill out together and chat about life in Wisconsin. Koko is settling in well to being an American baboon.

Pumpkinpuddy was very keen to make sure their new baboon got the right name, a contest was run on Pumpkin's blog and the name Barnabas was chosen.  A very good name for a baboon and very close to banana, a baboons favourite food (apart from pizza and chocolate and almost anything else we can get our paws on).

The next baboon was won in the Valentine competition and he went to a loving home in Berlin with our dear friends Burnie, Greg, little Chris and family from Can Be Social.

Otto was welcomed by the whole family and given a snack straight away.  Otto is very happy in his new home where his new bearants and siblings love him dearly.  He is a baby baboon so they are bringing him up in a loving home.

One of the most unusual baboons to ever arrive at the re-homing centre was Rhylan, a Hamadryas baboon who was looking for adventure.  I knew exactly where he would be happy, with a pal who was also keen on adventures.  Of course he went to live with Huntyr where he could have some great adventures.  Huntyr has already documented the adventures Ryhlan had getting to his new home. you can keep up with Ryhlan and Huntyr's adventures with Zack Rabbit.

Mr Bono went to live with our dear friend @yayStella from Twitter.  He took a long time to arrive and has still to get his photo taken.  He is the twin brother of Persie who went to live with @tweetypie54 in Arkansas.  Gunner is a great Arsenal fan (he was named for it) so he got a great Arsenal fan baboon.

Finally in February two twin brothers went to new families in Europe.  OllyTed adopted Nyani a very happy, chatting fun baboon and another Arsenal fan so he fitted right in to Olly's family.

Nyani has his own Arsenal shirt and he joins in all of the many activities that go on in Olly's interesting family.  He is very happy.

Finally, in February Nyani's twin brother Jens arrived in Frankfurt where he lives with Miriam and the bunnies.  He is a quiet, shy baboon who doesn't have too many photos taken but he has fitted in well in Miriam's family and has become a photographer.  He likes to be behind the camera.

There are a few pictures of Jens out there although he is usually the photographer.

Jens was made welcome straight away by his new bunny friends, its only fitting since he has joined a bunny sanctuary family.
Look out for the next installment, the March baboon..


  1. Woohoo. Wot a pawsome familee the baboons do be. They is all looking very settled in their new omes. I am glad to see them spreading the were all around the globe.

  2. wee doo reely luff havin nyani live wif us! a baboon sertainly mayks a home! nyani joins in ebearyfin nd has becum bestest frends wif archie fuzzy who yew see in owah pikjah on symbals. fank yew soo mutch too kolo fur ths wundahful ideer... re-homin baboons nd makin homes happi wif baboon luvs nd hugs :)

  3. oh KOLO thanks for sharing all the happy baboon pictures!!
    Ryhlan is such a huge part of our family now, we cant imagine not having him around.

    Ryhlan: *waving* *sniggles* woww *waving* so many fellow baboons... so nice to see you all. I hopes you as happy as me!!!!

  4. Can't wait to show yoo pikshurs of me and Mandi da Mandrill. He seems very happy wif me. Luvs pound cake wif strawberries and whipped cream! Thanks so very much fur sending him to us. We luvs him lots and lots! xoxoxoxoxo TigerBoyTheCat and Auntie Donna

    1. OMC Tiger - I didn't know your baboon arrived and you named her Mandi da Mandrill! I'm so happy for you - isn't it the best having a baboon for a furiend? ((HUGS)) Luv you!

  5. We love having Barnabas living with us. I thought EK was fast at climbing up and down the cat tree. He doesn't hold a candle to Barnabas! It's so fun to watch them race up and down the tree. And he's so snuggly for nap times. He's going with me to Blogpaws. We can't wait.

    This is such a wonderful thing you're doing, helping these baboons find loving homes.

  6. We don't have any baboons but we do have an orang utan and a couple of chimpanzees. Your adoptees all look very happy in their new homes.

  7. Thanks so much for making the world a better place by rehoming baboons! My Petie is the sweetest furiend-and I believe she graduated top in her ((HUGGING)) class! You're the best Kolo & Ilove you very much!! ((HUGS)) OxOxO

  8. Have tried and tried to comment on several posts - am trying another browser in the hope of actually getting one to work!

    Thierry van Persie is so thrilled to have his pics featured on your blog, Kolo - he says to tell you that he's very happy to be here, and is glad you've chosen him for a place where there's such a variety of work to do!

    He's a very happy, sunny-natured baboon (especially when Arsenal are winning!) and my very best furiend - he's totally loyal and never breaks a confidence, and of course he gives pawesome hugs!

    He's thrilled he won third prize in his very first competition (in the Easter Bunny comp on CanBeSocial), and made a beautiful big pizza as a celebration. I wish I'd thought to take a pic of him with it, but it was so delicious I didn't even think about it till we'd eaten it! I'm hoping to get him to make another soon, so I'll have to see if I can take one then.

    He's delighted to see his twin, Lulu, is having so much fun, and says he hopes @Pandafur will give her a big hug from him.

    I can't thank you enough for sending him, Kolo - he's so much part of the family it feels as if he's always been here. As he says himself, hugs hugs hugs!!

  9. PS Yippee - it WORKED!! Seems like the problem's been my browser - will use IE instead of Firefox for comments in future :-)

  10. Well I have just stumbled upon your lovely blogging home but me and Mummy2Legs were rather quite taken reading about everything you do here, and your obvious love for Baboons!!, we have to confess we have never really seen anything like your blog before, and are going to spend awhile now having a paw plod about, it has opened our eyes to thoughts of sharing our home with such creatures so who knows ey, maybe, just maybe if we play our cards right!!!! one day we too could be lucky enough to adopt! (Barnie x)