Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Baboons can read

Recently I saw this article online (it will open in a new window)

it revealed what all of my friends know, that baboons can read. 

The article and this You Tube video (it will open in a new window)

show that baboons can make out real words from fake words.  Well, I'm here to tell you that baboons can do much more than that, but you already knew that.

I love a good read:

Here I am with one of my favourite books, Soon Baboon, about a baboon in a rock band.

There is a lot of baboon literature out there, here is just a small sample of it.

Soon Baboon, Does a Baboon sleep in a Bed? and Akimbo and the Baboons, just three of the many books about baboons that I enjoy reading.  Then there is Baboon on the Moon, designed to help little humans to learn to read, yes little humans need baboon help to learn to read.  There are lots of baboon books, some people might say a whole body of baboon literature.

How would there be so much baboon literature if baboons couldn't read and write?  Yes write, we can write too.

We don't only read baboon literature, here is another of my favourite books.

So yes, baboons can read, they have ecclectic tastes and, on a wet, stormy day like today reading is an important way to pass the time.

So, case proved, the researchers are right, baboons can read, but the researchers are behind the times we can read fluently and write our own literature.  Some of us even Tweet and Blog!


  1. wot a luffly blog deer kolo - i nevah dowted that baboons can reed.. nyani baboon luffs buks nd him nd snufkin lemur oftun sit reeding out funny bits too us or reedin owt stories :)

  2. Well go figure Baboons can read!! Yayy- you look so handsome Kolo reading your books- hugs hugs hugs

  3. and I is really happy that baboons can read! When momma is really busy, Ryhlan will pick up her NOOK and read to me!!
    He is a good reader and a good hugger, I loves my baboon, Ryhlan.

  4. Baboons hv been readin since the dawn of time! Gr8 blog Kolo, if yr lookin fur new books on Primates there r some good wuns here fur a good cause
    Cheers pal,

  5. I already knew that baboons could read and write cos you have this lovely blog.

  6. I haz begun work on Marley & Kolos Adventures: a terrier and a baboon in da big city. We will win da Booker....

  7. Well of course it is no surprise to me, I mean all furs are naturally extremely intelligent and some do like to pass a moment or two in a good book, or on-line, learning and/or imparting valuable learnings onto others, especially on rainy days such as these!! - we can not all be out at the same time a frolicking about, a hunting and a generally socialising at all hours, some of us have had many years of training at being King of their Castle, some of us are still learning, yes, to delve into the world of a Fascinating Fur is indeed a lovely place to be, upon where you will find brilliant, bright, bobbydazzler babboons abundant and long may this stay!! (love Barnie - being eclectic and educational all on one, long,long wet rainy day! - keep smiling everybody, like the recession, this rain can't be a lasting forever, us Fabulous Furs will simply not stand for it x)

  8. I knew it all the time too.

    1. forgot to sign this.
      snuffy norton-bearmani

  9. What a great blog, Kolo! Smooooooooooooch! We know that you can read cuz you read & write on Twitter AND we know that you can lick envelopes cuz we get mail from you! We know that you are loved cuz we love you lots. AND we know that you love us cuz you shared Mr Bono with us. Love, Stella & Cheddums

  10. I love when Barnabas reads to us. He's written a blog post too. I'm learning more and more every day just how smart Barnabas is.

  11. Its no surprise to me...Marco loves to read all my silkpainting books,,,yeyeyeyey

  12. wow I must get Persie dat great Arsenal book !! all da books look like fun way to pass da days for Baboons are dey all as smart as you KOLO??

  13. Paco not only reads but he has an opinion on furniture!Hoomin reely needs a noo suite and wus luking on the internet wen Paco nosebumped the screen wen viewing a partikular sofa! Well if he's gonna sit on it beside me he has sum input on the choice, rite? The nose has it, heehee - and no it isn't banana-coloured!
    Brilliant blog as always Kolo - bundla huuggs frum me and Paco, Dean of Huggology! xx

  14. yoo dus be verry clevva kolo an it dus be nuvva grayt blog .. an wot alot of books yoo got. reedin an rytin dus be grayt way to spend sum time

  15. KoKo is a very good reader. Much better than I am. M said maybe KoKo could teach me a few things.

  16. DUSTY: Bosie reads stories to us when Scribe is busy. He is so animated when he's reading to us, keeps us very interested in the stories.
    HURLEY: I think that Baboons are special in every way. In fact, I became certain of that when I first met you, Kolo, on Twitter.

  17. Hugs Morse and me read together every evening, even detective stories from Doyle and the Baboon on the Moon.

  18. I love your blog, Kolo!!!! Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzz ....