Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bunny, Bilby, Baboon competition results!

Firstly, thank you to all of you for entering my latest competition, 60 friends entered, that is amazing.  Secondly, thank you to @WallasEKatt for donating the second first prize, that made the competition more exciting than ever.

Yesterday I sent one of my representativez, @Leroy_Sealion over to Portsmouth to meet Monty Baboon who was going to draw the competition winner.  Leroy took a secret envelope with numbers with him and gave that to Monty. @Henryandfriends was there to make sure everything was done fairly. 

As you can see because Henry was there they needed to have chips and ice cream.  But anyway the envelope was handed over so that Monty Baboon had the numbers, I had the names and nobody had both.

Monty here...

last night I did the draw for your Easter Prizes I took it VERY seriously! This is how we organised it ( I'm an Organising Sort of Baboon)

First I hid my eyes 

Then Arnold wrote the numbers on paper and Elmar folded them - they have the biggest paws...

Then Willow folded them some more and put them in a bag.. he has the smallest paws

Then I was allowed to look round and make the draw. Here's me picking the 1st winning number

to make sure everything was fair and proper we had an independent and international panel of adjudicators.  Including delegates from Norway!!
Monty sent me the numbers and matched them up with the names to see who the winners were.  Well done to all of them.  Sorry to everyone else I always want everyone to win but look out for my next competition in May.

  1. First prize number one was the rabbit T-shirt. That was won by @OllyTed from Twitter.  I don't know if Olly will choose a T-shirt for himself or his particular person.  Either of them will look lovely in it on their next holiday.  Olly please look at and let me know what size and colour you would like so that I can order it to be sent to you.
  2. The second first prize, the bilby adoption and cuddly kangaroo donated by @WallasEKatt is a very special prize and that was won by @TweetyPie54 from Twitter.  Gunner I will let Wallas know that you were the winner and I can tell him where to send the prize to.
  3. The third first prize is the baboon related mystery prize, (a baboon mug and a baby baboon to re-home), was won by my twin brother (we were born on the same day, you can see the resemblance @i_am_fuzzy from Twitter.  Well done Fuzzy, please DM me to let me know where to send the prize too.
Well done to all the winners!

Thank you to everyone for entering!

Specially thank you to Monty for drawing the numbers!

Look out for my next competition in May.


  1. Wonderful competition...well done all the winners...Pasihuggs

    1. Congratulations to the winners and what a nice thing to do Kolo Martin.

  2. Looks like henry, Monty, and Leroy had a great time drawing the numbers! Congrats to the winners and thanks for the fun contest Kolo!

  3. Hoxoray! Wel dun to all the winners and espeshully to Kolo fur annuva fabby competition! Huuggs xxxxxx

  4. oh wow i am a winnah! i luff yur contests deer kolo - alweys generous nd helpin othahs! i will wear my bunny tee shert wif pride!

  5. Pawsome contest Kolo! Concats to the winners and a big THANK YOU to you and Wallas for donating the pawsome prizes! Gunner is so lucky to adopt a Bilby!! And thanks for your tireless work rehoming baboons - you're making the world a better place Kolo! ((HUGS))

  6. DUSTY: Congratulations to the winners, Olly, Gunner, and Fuzzy! It was a great contest, Kolo. I really enjoyed seeing the process of selection of winning numbers. The panel of International Adjudicators was impressive. You and Wallas had great prizes for this contest.
    HURLEY: It was extra fun to see Henry there, too. What a fun time for everyone. especially the ice cream and chips!

  7. Congratulations to the winners. Good job you had lots of help with so many taking part in the competition.

  8. Well done for all the winners. It was fun enterin agane and we can't wait for the next one. Woof

  9. Yay Kolo! I like ur contest. :)

  10. that wos brillyunt kolo. yoo is clevva to fink of bestist way for dooin th dror. congratlayshuns to th winnas ..

    1. The draw was all Monty's idea I just asked him to do it and he came up with the ideas! He's a clever baboon!

  11. great contest kolo, congrats to all da winners, I am so honored to be one, thank you so much!!