Saturday, 5 May 2012

April baboons

April was another busy month at Baboon HQ with a great surprise at the end.  We re-homed six baboons plus the one who came to live with us.

The first two to leave in April were Mandi a boy baboon who went to live with @TigerBoyTheCat, and Mandi's twin sister Buffy who's new family are @MrBearandRocky.

Tiger has sent us some lovely pictures.  My favourite is this one that shows what good friends Mandi and Tiger are and how wonderfully Tiger has welcomed Mandi to his home.  What handsome pair they are.

Buffy got her name because Mr Bear and Rocky felt that she had been so brave to travel all the way to California on her own, so they named her after Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Buffy has been on lots of adventures already, she is having a wonderful time like all the baboons.  As with Tiger and Mandi it has been hard to choose which picture to feature, but here is a great one.

Yes brave Buffy and Rocky are at an avocado festival and riding on the back of a waggon.  Buffy has already had lots of adventures and she only left England on 2 April! What a girl!

Buffy is also being well looked after in terms of her diet.

Buffy was so hungry when she arrived that she ate six of those.  Now she is eating normally.  But all baboons just love bananas.

Fuzzy Bear (@i_am_fuzzy) won the baboon mystery prize in the Easter competition drawn by dear Monty.

Fuzzy Bear's baboon, who is now called Perry brought a baboon mug with him as part of hte prize.  Fuzzy has welcomed Perry with open arms and they have had lots of fun including chariot races, which Perry's team won.

Perry's twin sister, Nuriyah, who wanted a Morrocan name went to live with Lexis (@dogstoyevsky), she has not had her picture taken yet as she seems to enjoy hanging around on high shelves.  Lexie cannot work out why that is. I expect to hear that Nuriyah has started belly dancing, any minute.

@FreshOtis has also adopted a baboon, a cousin of Buffy and Mandi, he took a long time to arrive and we were very relieved to hear that he had got there finally.  He has not had time for pictures yet. 

Finally @grrrsquirrel57 (Michelle) adopted a little baboon called Barrett, he will be having a great time in Boston and we hope to meet with him and little Petie who lives not far from there, in September.  That will be fun.

Like most of the baboon adopters Michelle was very wise and made sure she had lots of bananas ready for Barrett when he arrived.

Barrett looks very happy to be there and to be well fed.

Four May baboons left yesterday and three more will be leaving this morning.  I have one more to post after the bank holiday.  After that I will have four baboons to re-home and then the programme will have a summer break. We love re-homing baboons but it has been hard work for all of us with the teaching programme, packing up baboons and taking trips to the post, we feel that we and are humans need to take a break.  Things will be happening at Baboon HQ during the summer possibly even a move, as well as a trip to the US so we feel it is necessary to have a break.  However, in the autumn we will resume the programme.

Enjoy the pictures and stories about the April baboons.  I will update about the May baboons when they have all arrived.


  1. Love it xxxxx Yyayayayay for Babooons xxx

  2. Thanks for the update! Such lovely baboons spreading their love around to all our pals. Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzz .....

  3. Oh I am so exited - I have most impaaawtent news, I think I may too have qualified through the stringent adoption process to re-home a brilliant baboon, I have been practising my loving and looking after skills, I am on with making a few home improvements, (my blog is plastered with hearts, Mummy2Legs doing and her being over emotional again, but it means I have so many to go around so our new family member will not have to share any - my Twitter home sadly is still in need of some attention....) but I have also been making pawtent plans of people and places to show him/her and working on my welcome speech, so hopefully the Bordoggy will be a welcoming a brilliant baboon home soon! I am on my back legs looking out of the window for the post-man as we speak - well, why not, I am keen - it's a Terrier trait you know - It's good work they do here at Baboon HQ - it be no wonder the humans need a well deserved rest after all the hard work they have been doing - Gruff Respect to you!!! HUGS HUGS HUGS x

  4. Apologies there, Mummy2Legs was on a different PC and all of a tiz wizz with it and logins etc, we were not sure whether our love had come through here, but I think it has on this one? so I will leave you all in peace to resume your good work now - bet that sort of thing does not happen at Baboon HQ! - it's probably over-exitement, we do be so apologising...HUGS x

  5. it dus be grayt to reed bowt al th babboons wot dus now av luvvin new omes kolo. yoo dus be triffik .. bigg uggs

  6. We simply can't wait to show our May baboon around my garden I watch from my window tower and all around Charlotte. MyShe and Snore are planning a beach trip dis fall but will keep our baboon out of da waves..promise. Our baboon will definitely have to meet Tiger's who lives near. ..bananas ready in NC - Gabby

  7. It so nice to see the baboons getting re-homed. They are so nice to have them in the house. Hugs

  8. @JustAnotherTrnd
    DUSTY: Bosie has been so busy. He's done extensive hugging sessions w/ Scribe and is helping her feel cheered up. He's also supervised Scribe while she clipped our fur with her new clippers. HURLEY: Bosie has gone antiquing and out to dinner. Just yesterday, he supervise as Scribe planted 4 flats of flowers in the garden. He's a talented and hard-working baboon.

  9. Annuva grand update on Paco's fellow graduates and mor twittapals to kno the fun a baboon joining the family can bring!Nise to see Bosie is helping in the garden - mebbe Paco can help in owrs, hehe!Fanks fur all the hard wurk yoo do at Baboon HQ - yoo sertainly deserv a summer break and a holibob!
    Huuggs and kisses - mogsbear and Paco xxxxxxx

  10. Zowie - you have been busy buddy., That's just great that so many baboons have now found their forever home. Good job Kolo.,

  11. I can't wait until we have #BaboonPawty so all the rehomed baboons can meet each other! You're so pawsome Kolo to work so hard to find good home for them! Love you my furiend! ((HUGS)) ((HUGS)) ((HUGS))

  12. Barrett is settling in very well. Once we have consistently nice weather, I'll take him out to explore Boston :-). Thank you so much, Kolo!

  13. Wow! Look at all the baboons you have rehomed Kolo! I bet they love their new homes as much as Mr Bono loves living with us! Smooooooooooooooch!

  14. Oh Kolo, you is like the Muvver Theresa of baboons. Well done for more successful adopshuns.

  15. oh the lovely baboons found a new sweet homes again. :)