Sunday, 18 March 2012

Worrying time

Fabrice Muamba: a true battler who escaped civil war

This is Fabrice Muamba.  He collapsed playing football, for Bolton, yesterday, aged 23.  He is in intensive care fighting for his life.  Fabrice has overcome a lot in his life, being a political refugee and settling in London, making his home here.  He sounds like a very nice man and he used to play for Arsenal as a young player but that is not important.  I would like my friends, especially my football friends, but not just them, to leave the messages of support for Fabrice here.

We all hope for the best for your Fabrice and we know you will put up a big fight for life.


  1. We do ave all our paws crossed for him. Is terrible wot do append to such a young man. We put football in rivalries aside for finds wot be more impawtant. Get well soon Fabrice

  2. wee beary howps fabrice is abul too cum thru ok.. it is beary worryin nd owah forts ar wif him nd his famlee at ths tyme.

  3. 23 iz too yung, Iz sending all mai purrrrs fur him to get betters *softpaw*

  4. Oh dear - so very sorry to hear this. Such a young man too - deserves a better chance at life. M will keep him in her prayers and I'm going to purr for him., purr purr purr purr purr purr purr - kitty purrs do amazing things, so we know he will get better.

  5. Saying prayers and hoping he has a quick and full recovery! Thank you for sharing this, Kolo!!! Hugzzzzzzzzzzzz .... RAY, CHASE & TIPPER -- @DaneRay