Tuesday, 13 September 2016

An island walk

So back from our exciting adventures in the USA and back to our normal holidaying routine, walks!  Its been pretty hot and we have not done so much walking as usual.  We also think that you might get bored with our walks, its a lovely island for walking but not very big, so it may be a bit repetitive.  However, we do try to take some different pictures.

We started out from the village of Shalfleet in the west of the island.  Harry studied the map to make sure we were going the right way.

He went past the old mill and over the bridge.

After walking through a small wood and two fields we got to the little town of Newtown.  We often buy produce by the roadside there.  We had hoped for beans but they had marrows and apples.  Marrows are nice but we don't know what to do with them.

We crossed another bridge and stopped for a look at the scenery.

At Newtown we stopped at the little Georgian town hall, it is tiny.  Harry likes to pose for pictures here.

We also love the old town pump, Harry climbed all over it as he usually does.

We stopped to look at the old Church of the Holy Spirit and Harry posed again.

Then we got to the gate we were aiming for.  Across that field is Newtown Harbour.  That was our first destination.

At the harbour Harry investigated all sorts of views.

After that we needed to get back to Newtown to continue our walk.  Harry was fascinated by the causeway that we needed to walk on.

The next part of the walk involved a wood so Harry did some climbing.

He got quite a long way.

Finally we reached our second destination.  There is not much there unless you are a bird watcher, as there are a lot of birds to see in the Newtown area, but we enjoy the walk itself.

This walk covers a rather unusual part of the island, wetlands, so it is interesting for us.  We turned around and walked back again a slightly different way, to look for blackberries, but they seem to have been picked.

That was just a short walk.  Today we have done a much longer one.  Will blog again tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Fur a short walk Harry managed to pack in quite a lot of fine views, hehe! Good to hav yus all back on yur likkl island wiv a big history! :O) :=o) Huuggs!