Sunday, 4 May 2014

More April Rehomings

Just imagine baboons 94, 95 and 96 have reached their new homes in the last week!

Meet Rose Le Babouin, she is a French speaking Canadian baboon who is now living in California with @BerniceBlu'Jae.  Rose is not just the largest baboon ever to be rehomed, she is bigger than me!!

Rose met her new family, including Bernice, the little baboon Cheeks, who came from Baboon HQ and another baboon who has been living with Bernice for longer.  He used to be the biggest baboon in the house but now he has to get used to being the middle sized baboon.

Rose has her own chair, and has been choosing perfumes with Bernice.

We can see Rose is enjoying the California sun after the long Canadian winter of 2013/14.


The next baboon to arrive didn't have to travel so far.  Betsey Pawood (named after a character in David Copperfield, Betsey Trotwood), arrived in Yorkshire, England, to live with @SallyJainW, very quickly.  We can see she is getting a lot of love and has many friends.

What a great hug!!  Good enough for any baboon!!  I think Betsey will be very happy there.  She also seems to have made a special friend, here they are watching television.


So quite a number of girl baboons rehomed in April 2014.  However, there was also another boy rehoming!!


CJ's (@PanthaQueen) baboon arrived very fast, he got all the way to California in four days!!  A record indeed!  He has told CJ his name is Bertram, which is a wonderful name, very English, it reminds me of Bertie Wooster.  It looks as though he is moving to a lovely neighbourhood, where he will enjoy the sun.


Just like Rose, Bertran wasted no time in getting some of that California sun.  CJ came to join him and they look like great friends already.

I am sure all of those baboons will be very happy.  I have two more rehomings underway, so that will make 98.  Nearly there!!

Thank you to everyone for rehoming baboons and for taking an interest in the rehomed baboons.


  1. ello kolo wot a luffly lot of rehoming gowin on.. oh my. soo gud too see betsey bertram nd bootyful rose happi in ther knew famlees

  2. Wonderfur to see all teh noo baboons being happy! *hugs* from Lulu an all of us!

  3. CJ @PantherQueen4 May 2014 at 15:39

    I wish we could have a Baboon HQ reunion some day. Bertram is cuddling with some of his new family. We are so happy to have him here!

  4. Smashing pidjurs of Rose, Betsey and Bertram enjoying ther new howms - they sertainly brot the sunshine wiv them, heehee! Baboon Hug Power going frum strength to strength, all fanks Kolo, yay!!!!

  5. Wow, wot a lot of baboons Kolo my pal….i fink I like da look of Callyfornyar for a oliday too…look n ice an warm