Monday, 19 May 2014

Cologne part 3

Well, as I said in the last post, we got to the zoo.  In this post I will just show you an important bit of the zoo because there are other things I want to talk about, but I will blog about the zoo in the last part of this blog.

Here is a clue to what was special about Cologne zoo!  I found this chap near to the baboons!!  He is a baboon statue!!  Yes, the zoo has baboons!!

These are hamadryas baboons like Ryan at Baboon HQ and two rehomed baboons.  They were great and we chatted a lot.  They were not in cages they just had their own island with a moat around it.  Just like me they live on Baboon Island!!

Well more of the zoo next time.  We all went out to dinner that evening in one of the taverns near the waterfront.  We found a nice Italian resturant that did nice vegetarian dishes.

Here we all are, @F_is_for_Fred, @Bijntje, Bijntje's adopted baboon Ty, @LeroySealion, @fuzziestFreya and her adopted baboon Lukas and Mini Kolo.

Mini-Kolo soon got himself a pizza and it looks as though he has got beer there, really, well I must look into that!!

Well it seems pizza was not enough for Mini-Kolo, he and Lukas shared a rather large tiramasu!!  I believe Fred and Freya also shared one.  It was a lovely evening, chatting and eating and having fun with lovely friends.

Mini-Kolo was very excited about meeting up with the two rehomed baboons, Ty and Lukas.  Lukas wore his Arsenal shirt which made us very happy.  It was a great evening.
There is some discussion about Leroy and Freya but I don't know what that was about.  Leroy has been very quiet since then and he is scared that Freya's boyfriend @MonkeysBrother might turn up!!  I don't really think Leroy is ready for girlfriends.
The next morning whatever happened didn't spoil Leroy's appetite, he found somewhere interesting for breakfast.
That looks tasty!!  We were sorry that @Bijntje had left by then because we discovered that this cafe did Baileys truffles. 
After that we went out and about around Cologne sightseeing, we went on the cable car again, although it was rather windy.  We went back to Cafe Reichard and we had a look at this church.
 It is near the cathedral and the main station.

The next day everyone had to come home.  Fred and Freya helped us to find the airport again and we had coffee with them there at Starbucks.  Fred and Freya sent me a present.

Meet Jurgen (his name needs " on top of the u but I can't do that).  He loves Cologne and it says so on his hoodie.  He brought me some lovely Cologne chocolate.  Thank  you very much Freya and Fred.

Really, we all had a great time and thank you to Fred, Freya and Bijnte for making it such fun and for helping us to find our way around.  We loved spending time with you and we will be back.


  1. What a lovely time everyone hadI love rreading about the adventures and seeing the site's all around cologne a beautiful city! Hope Leroy and Freya working things out
    Tweetypie/Gunner, Persie

  2. How pawsome to see abowt cologne an espeshly noms! Wat an eggsiting avenchure!

  3. What a pawsome visit to Cologne - and the noms look delish! Petie is swooning at the sight of Lukas - he looks so handsome in his Arsenal shirt! Petie sends him a big SMOOCH! She also sends love to all her baboon relatives and her furiends who took part in this pawsome tweetup!
    Thanks for sharing your adventures - we love your blog Kolo!
    ((HUGS)) (HUGS)) ((HUGS))

  4. Smashing finale - fanks fur sharing the advenshoor! Always luvverlee to see rehowmed baboons doing grand! Big Huuggs to all involved!!! :O)

  5. CJ @PantherQueen19 May 2014 at 19:03

    Thank you for allowing us to enjoy this with you!

  6. what a great read - thanks for sharing Kolo - lovely to see Fred, Freya and Bijnte too

  7. What a super holiday !!!! lovely pics...oh nd by the way Leroy has a girlfriend !!!! me

  8. I always say the baboons know how to have fun .... what beautiful pictures .... it is always very nice to read the latest adventures of Kolo and his friends

  9. Sounds liked you all had a great time. Jose says thank you for sharing the pics with us .

  10. Dat was fab Kolo my pal....reel baboons and meeting wiv pals...Leroy an minee-Kolo is da lukkiest aniapls on da plannit...