Saturday, 17 May 2014

Cologne part 1

Last week we went to Cologne, in Germany they spell it differently but my keyboard doesn't have the " to put over the o to do it their way.  I did so many things, had such fun and took so many pictures that I think I will have to do this in at least two parts.

We had a very early flight so Mini-Kolo and Leroy left home the day before to stay at a hotel at Heathrow Airport.  They were very excited because they could see (and hear) all the planes taking off.

The Ibis Hotel in Bath Road gets a high baboon rating because the staff were very nice and there was a nice resturant.  Leroy and Mini-Kolo had fish and chips and there was a great breakfast, but we had to leave too early to have it.

Heathrow Terminal 1 was fun we had breakfast there and Mini-Kolo met a new friend.

OK Mini-Kolo is about 1/4 of my size but look at him compared to this guy!!  This chap would make even me feel small!  He was very friendly though and he is the doorman for the Harrods concession in the Terminal.

@fuzziestFreya and @F_is_for_Fred very kindly met us at the airport with rehomed baboon Lukas.  I am not sure we would have found the place without their kind help.  They took us to this very nice cafe, Cafe Reichard!!  It is really smart and nice and we all had pancakes.  The amazing things about this cafe is the cakes.  Look!!!!!! 

Of course it gets a high baboon rating.

It was still too early to check into our hotel so we all decided to go on a tour bus trip.


Mini-Kolo dashed upstairs to get the seat he wanted and then he was soon joined by Freya, Fred and Lukas.  I am not sure whether Leroy was asleep at that point.

We saw where former Cologne (now Arsenal) player, Lukaz Podolski (who Lukas Baboon is named after), has his apartment.  We got lots of great views of Cologne.
After that we were all tired and it was time to book into our hotel.  Hotel Maritim was very nice.
The boys found that if they looked out of the window at a certain angle they could see the Rhine.

The hotel was very exciting, there was a conference about kitchen things going on.

There was also a nice foyer and a swimming pool!!

Really the hotel was like a little town!!  It was very near to everything we wanted to see and do so it was great.  The staff were so helpful we could hardly believe how good they were.

There is lots more to tell you but this entry is getting quite long with too much reading.  The next day we also met @bijntje.  So I will blog again tomorrow and tell you more.  I might need to do three blogs for this exciting trip I think.


  1. Oh looks just fabbo xxx nd my Leroy looks sooooooooooooooooo handsome

  2. Wot a smashing plase fur a tweet-up! Partikularly attracted to the cayks in that cafe, hehe! Can't wait fur the next instalment! :O) Huuggsxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. WOW what a wonderful blog, we wish you would have stayed longer! Can't wait to read the next entry! Freya, Fred and mum ��Fred: *whisper* I know where Leroy has been on the bus... hiding from that Freya! ;o)

  4. CJ @PantherQueen17 May 2014 at 19:47

    What fun! I hope you got to nom the lovely cakes!

  5. Oh I am so mad I missed this! I'd have to drop that hotel a Ted for not providing breakfast? Too early? Tosh! I do love a bus tour though so sad I missed that. Wanna meet Fred and Freya too. Hope I'll get to Cologne one of these days. Great blog Kolo, as always. Great stuff!

  6. oooh caykes! nom nom it iz almost az good az chocolit! I can tell Cologne iz da place to go!

  7. Look paw some my pal...and I fink Claptun met dat big food at da airport too...him say he was very elpful....