Monday, 26 May 2014

May rehoming

I am pleased to say that the 97th baboon reached their new home this month.

Jim arrived at his new home on a different island not too far from mine, to live with our friend Fred @summerstormsum.  He took his introduction card with him.

Jim is a very lucky baboon, there was a whole wardrobe waiting for him when he arrived.

He is all set to be a very well dressed baboon and how clever of them to find clothes the right size for him.  I love that red waistcoat!!

On arrival Jim was given a glass of wine!!  He looks as though he can't believe his luck!! Cheeky baboon!

Wow he has clothes in all colours.  He even has his own pyjamas!!

and his own bed!!  We can see that he and Fred are getting to know eachother.

The next day they even went flying together.

I think Jim is very lucky!!  After flying it was time for tea!!

I think Jim has settled in for a very good life.  As well as that he has a new bear to keep him company, Gracie!  So he has Fred and Gracie as good new friends.

Fred also kindly sent me a new friend, Peter a lovely bear from his island.

Peter came with lots of lovely presents for us, a calendar, fridge magnets, wine gums and a lovely tea towel.  Thank you so much Fred.  I really love Peter.

He is settling in well and making good friends with outr other new bear, Jurgen from Cologne.  They have lots in common.

I am very lucky to have such great friends.  Jurgen came from @fuzziestFreya and @F_is_for_Fred!!

So 97 rehomed baboons!!  I wanted to rehome 100, but actually I have got five baboons here still looking for homes, one is spoken for but four remain so if anyone thinks that they would like a baboon or a companion for their baboon please let me know.  It looks as though I will be rehoming 102 baboons!!


  1. Glad to see so many making friends

  2. Oooo what a wonderfur blog Kolo! Jim is quite handsome & looks gr8 n the photos 😄 what a luvlE familE Fred has!

  3. Kolo is doing such a good job rehoming . It is a year in June that Jose left baboon HQ and he wants every one to know he is very happy and has had a glass of cava to celebrate and loves reading the blog to find out what every one is doing hugs to you all x

  4. Hurrah for rehomin Kolo my pal…fur sum reezin dis blg haz only just pop up in my reeder…*scratches head*