Sunday, 18 May 2014

Cologne part 2

On our second day in Cologne we woke up hungry and went off to find some breakfast.  Well we didn't know much about the town so we went to Starbucks!  If you are saying not very adventurous you are right, but on the other hand Starbucks gave us a view of a lovely square.

We enjoyed looking out at the early morning activities in the square.

After that we wandered round to the Dom (Cathedral), which was not far away to take a picture before all the crowds got there. It is a very beautiful cathedral with lots of intricate stone work.

After breakfast we wandered along the Rhine and found some nice taverns near our hotel.  We liked the name of this one.  See whether you can work out why!!

In the afternoon we met up with @fuzziestFreya and @F_is_for_Fred again and it was very exciting because @Bijntje came all the way from the Netherlands, by train, to join us.  We went to the chocolate museum.

I don't think any baboons, bears or humans on the trip would be honest if they said they weren't excited about this.  However, Mini-Kolo was more excited than most because he found banana split chocolate.

Leroy and Mini-Kolo did some shopping in the museum shop!!  Mini-Kolo managed to get some banana chocolate and Leroy got chilli chocolate, he developed a taste for that in Texas!!
After the museum @bijntje wanted to check out the Steiff bears.  We found some but Mini-Kolo and @bijntje soon upstaged them!!

Cheeky boys!!  I am not sure what the store detective thought about all this.

After that we had tea and cakes and then dinner all together in an Italian resturant in the town.

On the third day we all met up again and went on the cable car ride over the Rhine!! 

It was very high.  Look at the mechanism and then the views.


Its a great way to see Cologne.  The cable car got us to the zoo!!  Yes, the zoo.  We saw lots there, too much for this blog.  So read the next installment for our trip to the zoo, a special meal together, a baboon reunion and Leroy's special breakfast.

Thanks for reading so far!  Next installment asap!!


  1. Bol I see why you like that pub! Love the shot of boys in bear store , and the pictures of the ride over the Rhine beautiful
    Hugs Tweetypie/gunner/persie

  2. Wow....more fabbo pics thse bloggys

  3. Wot a luvverlee time yus all had! Nise that Bjinjte made it too! Banana-split choclit eh? Paco's so jelus, heehee! Roll on Part 3!! Huuggs and kissies! :O)

  4. WOW, what a great trip you are on. We really enjoyed your pictures.

  5. The chocolate museum would be a dream come true for us!

  6. CJ @PantherQueen18 May 2014 at 20:42

    Banana split chocolate!!!

  7. Did the chocolate museum have nip chocolate? Just kidding! I'm very much enjoying reading about your trip. Can't wait for the next installment!

  8. chocolate museem? stop rite there that iz teh hilyte of teh trip! MOL

  9. Great pics Kolo, great blog and so miffed I missed the chocolate museum! Great that mini Kolo found the banana split chocolate too. Fab stuff.

  10. Wow you had a bizee day there my ow come I dussnt see no commints from Henry boat da chokklit? Ave he not read dis?