Friday, 23 May 2014

FA Cup Final

I have been blogging so much about my wonderful trip to Cologne, that I haven't blogged about something else that was very important to me lately.  Yes, the FA cup final! It didn't start until 5 pm but our friends started gathering early.

I think Arsene would be proud of his red and white army of anipals.  Everyone had a kit, T-shirt, hat or at least a red nose.  There were even a couple of Cologne fans there to help get behind Lukaz Podolski.
Well it didn't start well.  By the end of 9 minutes Hull City had scored two goals.  We baboons felt sick.  We thought this was disaster.
Then Mr Cazorla stepped up a scored a great free kick, bringing the score to 2:1.  Then we felt we stood a chance.
Well that was minute 17 and we felt we needed to score another goal before half time to stand a chance.  However, we had to wait until the 71st minute before Mr Koscielny scored a second goal.  Phew!!  2:2!!  We had to have extra time.  This was getting stressful.  Baboon HQ was on a knife edge, should we put the pizzas in the oven or might it go to a penalty shoot-out??  We did put the pizzas in the oven.
That turned out to be a good decision because Mr Ramsey scored!!  We were finally ahead!!
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Oh boy now we had to hold on for the final whistle.  Oh this was tense, we were holding our breath, would our pizzas be burned?
No, Hull didn't score again so Arsenal won!!!!!!!!!  No penalty shoot-out!!!!!!!!!!!!  We were happy, almost too happy to remember to take the pizzas out of the oven.
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We watched the team celebrating.
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Mr Wenger was happy!!
We would have loved to go to London the next day to see the victory parade but would never have got there in time.

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Its been nine years since Arsenal won anything so we are very, very happy.  We still can't stop singing.  Lets hope for more to come.


  1. Yyayayaya for the Gunners xxx

  2. yay wot a wundahful blog kolo *hug hug* i enjoyd th match beary mutch but it wos soo soo nerve rackin fur a small bear!

  3. Typist say dat first photo ave made he laff like a drane Kolo my pal...sum one az mad az he is I fink....well dun to da Gunners