Sunday, 23 June 2013

Rehoming updated

It seems like quite a while since I wrote about rehoming.  That is because the rehoming went a bit quiet for a while.  However, there has been a flurry of activity.  Two baboons have reached new homes and one will be leaving tomorrow (more about him when he gets there). 

Our dear Twitter friend Celeste asked me about where she could get a baboon like me, well, I told her, you have come to the right place!  Now she expressely wanted a baboon like me and you know I can resist anything but flattery (she said I was cute).  So I found her a baboon like me.

Celeste welcomed him with a lovely cuddle, lucky baboon.

That wasn't all that was waiting for this lucky chap!!

Now hey what more could a baboon like me want that a full Arsenal kit ready and waiting for them!!  He has defintely landed on his paws hasn't he!!  Celeste named him Xolani which means peace. He is a gentle peaceful baboon so I think that will suit him well.

It looks as though he is settling into Celeste's family very well.  He looks very happy!!

Now the next rehoming is different in many ways.  This is the first baboon who has been handed over in person.

Meet Jose (thats Jose with a J, not Jose with a H).  Well I handed him over to our friend Janet who lives in our town and works with our manperson.  That is the first unusual thing about this rehoming.  Have you guessed the second one?  Well, the clue is in the name.  Yes he has been named after the special one.  This is the first rehoming of a baboon to a blue team home.  Two (Jose's cousin Vincent who lives with @Reddy1408 and Peter Tosh who lives with @Clapton_Terrier), live with Man City fans but this is the first Chelsea rehoming.  However, we love Janet here at Baboon HQ and we know she will be a great pal for a baboon.  Jose sent me a card saying how happy he is and he has watched a film with an orang-utang so he is getting plenty of primate exposure.

I know that Xolani and Jose are both very happy in their new homes and that they are the right homes for them.  Thank you to Celeste and Janet for giving these baboons happy new homes.

More about rehoming soon.


  1. Xolani sends love and hugs to you Kolo and all at Baboon HQ. He has settled in really well. Apart from lots of hugs, he likes nothing better than relaxing in front of the tv and hanging out with us furries. We will send you updates on how he's doing. He's been hugged by everyone who meets him, both human and furries alike. (((Hugs)))

  2. how luffly too see xolani (wundahful naym) nd jose gow too ther knew homes :) fank yew fur th luffly blogg kolo *hugs*

  3. Oh exciting to see all the love you pass on xx

  4. A luffley blog Kolo, Joe sends you a big baboonamassa wave & *hugs* from the rest of the bear & Anipal family xxx (& Mummy & Daddy) xxxx Glad Xolani is happy in his new home. Joe is very happy and is great furrends with us all xxxxxx Chalky & Cuddles

  5. Egg-selent my pal....i always good to be seein baboons in their noo homes.....we will be able to haz a league of baboon footy-ball soon too.....

  6. I love your blog, Kolo!
    Big hugs to you and all baboons!