Saturday, 8 June 2013

Garden finishing touches

Over the last two weeks we have done lots of work on our garden, laying decking, assemblying benches and waterproofing the decking although that is a job for people who don't have fur.  Today we put the final finishing touches.

You didn't expect this! Much to our surprise out manperson gave my person an Arsenal garden gnome for her birthday.  Today he decided where he would sit in the garden.  He will be guarding against any invasion of Baboon HQ by anyone associated with that blue team.

George climbed up into one of the bay trees to hang the wind koy that Miriam gave us from Germany.  We understand that luck will blow down it and come to us.

Yaya, Thierry and I set up the garden furniture and then had the difficult job of making sure it was in the right place to get the best of the sunshine.

So there we are, garden done, we can relax for the summer and use our lovely roof garden.


  1. yur gardun looks luffly kolo *hug hug*

  2. BEAUTIFUL Kolo!! and I'm glad Baboon HQ is protected well and has lots of lucky energy blowing on to it!! *HUGS* - ZackRabbit

  3. Wonderfull garden kolo ! An da Arsenal Nome wow! !!

    1. Bol it's me kolo Tweetypie dat wrote this xxx

  4. Yyayayay...what a wonderful garden...will be a great place to reelax xx

  5. What a lovely way to spend the day. You have worked very hard to grt it all done.

  6. Cool! We know you will be lovin' this garden.

  7. Hope your person had a lovely birthday Kolo! Sorry I'm late, I'm new to the world of blogging

  8. I must say dat yore blog is very funny when all da baboons is in it my amusin wotchin em all werkin an talkin