Sunday, 9 June 2013


Today we went for a walk from Shanklin to Ventnor, which is the town where Edward was working in the shop.  Usually we start this walk by climbing the Downs and come back through the Landslip.  It was a bit too windy for that so we decided to go through Landslip both ways as it is sheltered.

We started off on the costal path between Shanklin and the village of Luccombe.

It was quite windy up here so we did park on the coastal path rather than walking up.

From the next gate you could see Sandown Bay behind me.

When we got to the village of Luccombe we were pleased to see that the Luccombe Jam man is still in operation.

We carried on through the wooded area of Luccombe Common until we reached the Landslip.  I stopped to read this notice as it told me what I shouldn't do while we were there.

We climbed up and down lots of steps and finally reached the wishing seat.

I wished the climbing up steps wasn't so hard.  The Landslip is very beautiful.  Some land fell into the sea in the 16th century leaving this very fertile area full of trees and interesting plants.

I climbed this tree to have a look around.  Its a real baboon adventure playground.

It really is a beautiful place with lots of climbing up and down.  Every year more bits fall away so we never know where the path will be next.  This was our first visit this year so we found quite a lot of changes.  New plants grow wherever land falls away so it is fascinating.

At the end of the Landslip you get to the village of Bonchurch where, I am told, Charles Dickens wrote part of David Copperfield.  There is a lot to see there a pottery, an old church and nice beaches.  However, see those waves, it was far too windy for me.

We walked along towards Ventnor.


It really was windy and splashy!

There were lovely wild flowers all over the cliffs.

We got to Ventnor.

Now was time to feed my coffee habit.  We went to the Met Bar on the seafront.  This places gets an extremely high Baboon rating as you get a Flake chocolate bar with your coffee.

After coffee it was time to walk back.  When we got back to Bonchurch we found a spot to eat our sandwiches, on the cliff path, out of the wind.

We got back to the car by the same route and came home for a traditional baboon nap.

I hope next time we will be able to do the Downs part of the walk too.


  1. It looks like you had a lovely walk Kolo, Did you enjoy your flake with your coffee? xxx See you soon Chalky & Cuddles xxxx

  2. That was a pawsome walk, Kolo. Landslip looks like my kinda place!

  3. These walks have been great to picturesque nd u get to climb too !!!!

  4. Great place to walk so beautiful! Now that s the way to spend a Sunday hug

  5. Wow - another great adventure. M loved the pictures and says you are so lucky to live by the sea. She loves being by an ocean, but alas we live too far away. Can't wait for your next adventure.

  6. What a lovely walk. We love the seaside and your coffee treat was an extra bonus!

  7. What a beautiful walk Kolo - Mom says this is one she'd love to go on with you & your persons! Thanks for sharing! ((HUGS)) OxO

  8. Phew...I was quite worried gettin a message wot say you is doin a blog about a landslip my good to kno that it be a false alarm...