Saturday, 15 June 2013

Who's New at Baboon HQ

I did a series of blogs on Who is Who at Baboon HQ.  Since then there have been unexpected new arrivals.  I introduced Charlie, sent by Miriam, on Twitter.  However, after him three more baboons arrived who will stay at Baboon HQ, for various reasons.  I'll let them introduce themselves.

Hi my name is George Baboon.  I am the biggest of the new arrivals, but I am still pretty small.  I was meant for rehoming but when I arrived somebody was home sick and unpacked me and I gave cuddles and then, well, that was that!  I am named George after the Arsenal legend manager George Graham who won things with them in the 1980's!  I have made myself useful at Baboon HQ by climbing trees to fix the wind koi Miriam sent and I might become a climbing instructor when I am older.  At the moment I tend to hang out with Freddy Baboon and play with toys.

Hi wavy paws I'm Theo Baboon and I am the tinyest baboon ever to be seen at Baboon HQ.  I am a finger puppet and my job at Baboon HQ is entertaining people and baboons.  Like George, when I am older, I might become an instructor at Baboon HQ, my subject would be baboon entertainments.  I took my name after Theo Walcott who I think is the smallest player at Arsenal.  Kolo things he will never see a smaller baboon than me.  I am staying at Baboon HQ because I was a present but I have cousins who might be rehomed with smaller anipals or those with less space for baboons.  I spend my time hanging out with Dixon Baboon, see below.

Hi, I'm Dixon Baboon.  I might be familiar to some of you as I have a few brothers, sisters and cousins rehomed with some of you.  I have magnetic paws and can carry things around.  I am staying at Baboon HQ because I was a present to Kolo.  I don't really know what I will do at Baboon HQ but I am very happy here and I am sure I will find a roll.  Maybe carrying things for baboons whose paws are not so handy.  I also like climbing and swinging so might help with the instructing in those areas.  How did I get my name?  Well my full name is Dixon Winterburn Adams Keown Baboon after the famous Arsenal flat back four.  I got so many names because Kolo thinks I will be the last baboon to arrive and he wanted to honour all the back four.  I am quite a small baboon for such a big name but I can handle it.  I hang out with Theo Baboon and we giggle a lot.


  1. OMC - they are all so cute Kolo. Congratulations on the new arrivals.

  2. Ello for you all my new pals....Peter Tosh is doin wavin at you....welcome to Baboon HQ...