Monday, 17 June 2013

Day off work

Today my people didn't go to work. The weekend was the Isle of Wight Festival and all the people are travelling back, disrupting my person's journey to the mainland and our man person's journey to Newport, so we decided not to bother.  Like any day off in the week we started with breakfast out.

We are lucky to have French Frank's in Ryde, just five minutes walk from our home.  I gave them a very favourable baboon rating for their croissants with apricot jam!  Very French!!  Then we went for a walk.  We avoided all the areas where the crowds would be travelling and drove to a little place called Hollingford, just near Arreton, to walk another disused railway.

It did look a long way from the start.  We walked along this path, hardly any people were around, that's one of the nice things abuot having a day off in the week.  After a while I met these calves and stopped for a chat.

They were a little shy but very sweet.  We went on and came to this bench where we stopped for a little sit down.

There is a man on our island who carves these lovely benches and other nice carvings.

We carried on and soon I met these highland cattle.  I thought they were a long way from home but they told me they live here now.

I'm not sure why they wanted to stand in the muddy water and I didn't join them in that particular pastime.

We carried on for around three miles and then we turned around.  On the way back I looked at a couple of different things.  Near the bench there was a mill and I looked at that.  You could hear the water running over the steps.

I also wanted to have a look at the scenery around us, we were on a path between the downs.

Its a real country walk.  I also saw lots and lots of wild flowers, in the end I stopped for a rest in a cluster of them.

I love these big daisies.  I also like poppies and there were some of them too.

After our walk we decided to pop in and say hello to the donkeys at the donkey sanctuary as it was not very far from where we were.

Most of the donkeys were busy eating because it was lunchtime.  These ones were outside the barn waiting to go in and get their hay so they were a little more friendly.  Well as I say it was lunchtime so my thoughts turned that way too.  We went to a Rhylstone Gardens in Shanklin for our lunch.  I had my supplies with me, banana bread of course.

It hadn't been the sunniest day but the sun came out for our picnic.  I can't imagine why our man person thought I needed a fork, I'm a baboon!  I eat with my paws!  Anyway, after lunch we went home to relax for the rest of the day.  We did some napping (to get in shape for #TeddyOlympics) and some reading and blogging and this evening we will go to the Hong Kong Express cafe on the seafront to finish our day off in style.


  1. How pawsome to have a long weekend! You & your persons always take the nicest walks - with nice meals includes! Thanks for sharing my furiend! ((HUGS)) ((HUGS)) ((HUGS))

  2. Annuva grrreat walk, Kolo - thos disused railway lines mayk grand scenic promenades! My mouf watered wen yoo menshuned apricot jam - ooh la la! :O)
    Fanks fur sharing yur bootiful island again wiv us! Huuggs and kisses!

  3. ello ello kolo, wot a beary nise walk. i doo luff that bench yew sat on, its beary artistik :)

  4. Wow pal - what a lovely holiday you had your humans - even if it wasn't a scheduled one. M loves the countryside - I've never seen it myself other than driving by in a car. I think it would be fun to investigate tho. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. What a wonderful day you had. We had the Download Festival near us over the weekend so we know what you mean about people going home. I wish we'd thought to take the day off.