Sunday, 7 July 2013

Ventnor to Blackgang

I am starting with this picture because it was our town's Arts Parade last weekend.  I would have shown it then but we didn't get to do the things we intended so I didn't blog.  The picture was taken from our balcony.

Ryde is famous for carnivals this year they had a large paper mache bull and lots of dancers.

Last Sunday was very hot so we decided to do one of our favourite walks with great views.  I got started.

However, you might notice the sea mist boiling up below.  It got so bad you could cut it with a knife, no views and it was cold and wet.  So we did something different.

This weekend we decided to try again.

Great start we could see the sea and trees.  We start this walk in Upper Ventnor which is high on the cliff path, but below you can see the Undercliff so there are two layers of cliffs.  We walked along a footpath alongside the Whitwell Road.

Much sunnier this time!  We carried on until we had to carefully cross the road at St Lawrence.  Then we were in the countryside.  Looking back I could see Ventnor and St Lawrence below us on the Undercliff.

Looking forward I could see where we were going.

Its a very pretty country walk with the sea and Undercliff to our left.

We past some great countryside views.

After coming out of a wooded path we caught our first glimps of St Catherine's Lighthouse at Niton.

Its that little white thing in the far distance.

We carried on for quite a way and carefully crossed another road at Niton, near the lighthouse, but the lighthouse is in the Undercliff so we didn't get to go too near.  However, we did get right above it later.

We carried on along the path.

The grass was very long and I couldn't always see.

Eventually we could see the sea clearly again.

The visibility was not fantastic but if you really strain your eyes you can see the west of the island, the Needles were not clearly visible today.

We could also see the view in the Undercliff.

Its a long way down but there are great countryside and beaches down there.

Well lunch is important and we stopped at the view point above Blackgang Chine.  It was full of bikers, it always is!  We had tea and our sandwiches.

The really good seats were taken but we could see West Wight from our bench.

After lunch we turned round and went back the same way, going down the bits we had climbed up and up the bits we had climbed down.  It was very hot and we did feel tired, but it is a beautiful walk.

Yes well, when baboons go for walks there has to be cake.  We stopped at St Lawrence, before the last leg of the walk.  We bought these buns at the lunch stop.  They were very nice although my person was happy that both our man person and I said they were not as good as her rock cakes.  Less tasty and not as moist!  But very nice nonetheless and definitely necessary after that walk.  We got back to the car hot and tired but we had had a lovely time.


  1. brillant brillant blog fank yew kolo.. i doo luff followin yew on yur walks!

  2. What a beautiful walk Kolo ! Thx for sharing ! BearHUG!

  3. Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Oh MY...What a perfect walk !!! nd cayk too xxx

  5. I am so jealous of ur beautiful places you get to walk an picnic it's wonderful of you to share this with us kolo!
    Hugs my friends

  6. Fabulous walk Kolo! Good cakes too :-)

  7. You have the most wonderful places to walk around your home Kolo! So happy you share them with us-we live vicariously through you! ((HUGS))
    Love yoo!

  8. Grand to view yur walk on a foggy Monday morning, Kolo! That wus a LONG walk, hehe - hope yur hoomins had ther sunscreen on! Luvverlee as always!
    Huuggs and kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Eggselent walkin my pal....I do miss a good stroll in da countreeside.....