Sunday, 14 July 2013

Picnic and rehomings

Today was the big #IOWTweetUp in Shanklin.  We were having a picnic so I made pizza.

Mini-Kolo was going along and it was a very hot day so he needed a hat and sunglasses, no not sunscreen, we are baboons, baboons = hairy, sunscreen can be horrible in your fur.  He was waiting to leave early.

Oh yes he felt like a real cool dude!  We picked @TabithaTeddy and her sister Squirrel up at the hovercraft and then we were on our way to Shanklin.

We met @MarthaBBear as soon as we arrived and we got chatting.

Mini-Kolo thinks he is charming the girls here.  He is not completely outnumbered as Chris the penguin IS a boy so he didn't have things all his own way.

One of Mini-Kolo's jobs was to re-home two baboons, here he is handing this little chap over to Martha.  She called him Barney.  His brother just moved in with BooBooBearGreen.  More about that rehoming in another blog when we catch up on the rehomed baboons.

@TourGuideTed arrived with a massive load of crisps, chocolate and cakes!!  Yayayaaa well done Ted!  He also brought his pals Frank and Theo with him so, with them and the rehomed baboons there were quite a lot of boys by then. 

The other re-homing that Mini-Kolo was to do was with Ted.

We don't know what he will be called yet.  His brother has just gone to live with @This_Bear, again more about that in the next re-homing blog.

They go down to picnicing.

There was lots of food, pizza, chocolate, crisps, cake, corn chips, dips.  Hey they were up to the job!

Lucky rehomed baboons had a picnic and then they are both having a holiday.

Now there is a little known by-law that says baboons are not allowed to play crazy golf, it may sound strange but it is for the protection of you, the public, try to imagine a baboon with a golf club and ball, yes you see it all makes sense now you think of it!

The others did play crazy golf.  @TourGuideTed started it off!

@TabithaTeddy had a go!

Then @MarthaBBear had her turn!

When Mini-Kolo got home there were more treats @TourGuideTed had given him presents, a lovely yellow T-shirt saying Orland Florida (like Martha's), I think he looks handsome in yellow and some Muddy Bear biscuits that we can all share.  Thank you Ted they look yummy and Mini-Kolo's shirt is a great colour!!

Well thank you to all of you for a lovely day out, Mini-Kolo had a ball and thank you for the presents.  I hope you have a good stay here, the weather is hot, hot, hot!!  So have a lovely fun time on the island.



  1. Wonderful blog as usual Mr. K. so jolly nice to see everyone at the Tweetup and I'm sure a smashing day was had by all.

    (P.s. do you mean uncle Teddy M. Bear @thisbear above? No hyphen)

  2. Oh its just such a happy day...thabks for making me smile to my toes

  3. Thanks Kolo for writing it up (saves me doing it! Okay, I'll try) It was an awesome picnic with great twittery pals (and not so twittery) - I had a lovely day, as did Frank and Theo. We are sure new baboon "Bob" (after WBA player Bob Taylor!) will fit in with us. Kolo said he's very well-mannered - we think Theo will soon have stopped that! (We are really hoping he will improve Theo!) We will all get along very well. Thanks Kolo (especially for the pizza) but for coming and being soooo cool!

  4. Hey! If I ad known there waz so many snaks I wood ave got the overcraft over to see you my pal....yoo let I kno nex time....i do be glad yoo had such a pawsome day