Sunday, 21 July 2013

Freddy's walk

Its been very hot and Mini-Kolo (Jackson) has been out a lot, young Freddy has been really keen to go for a walk, so yesterday Freddy went out.  Freddy's walk went from home to Bembridge and back.  So Freddy started from home.

Freddy was excited so he got ready and sat outside waiting.  We made him wear a T-shirt because of the hot sun.  Baboons don't really do well with sunscreen, it gets stuck in our fur.  Freddy walked down our street, down the High Street and the tourist street, Union Street and he reached the seafront.  He stopped to look at the boats in Ryde Marina.

He had to look from a bit of a distance as it was windy and we didn't want him blowing off the wall and ending up in the harbour.  The Freddy walked along the seafront and reached Appley Tower.

He had a long way to walk so he didn't go inside this time.  The tower is a Victorian folly built when the Appley estate went right down to the seafront at Ryde.

Freddy carried on, past the bright lights, noise and crowded beaches of Ryde, on to Springvale.  Where he first look at a countryside view, you may be able to make out the cows under the tree.

Just across the road were beaches and sea.

Much more peaceful than Ryde.  Then Freddy went on to the next place, Seaview, where he decided to take up sailing.

I'm not sure whether he realised that he needed to be in the water!!  However, this was safer.

From Seaview there are two ways to get to Bembridge, around the coast or across the countryside.  You can only get all the way around the coast when it is low tide, yesterday morning was high tide so Freddy missed out on the beautiful bays at Seagrove, Priory and St Helen's.  However, he still had a great walk.  He came across this old house just as he was leaving Seaview.

This was originally a boat house built in 1557, it does look very beautiful.  Freddy didn't mind not going to the bays because he went across some beautiful countryside instead.

Freddy crossed three fields and got to the village of St Helen's.  That is a village with an enormous village green.  After he left there he got to the road that leads around to Bembridge.  He met some shady characters lurking around some houseboats.

This houseboat is a floatel!!  Moving on Freddy got to the famous Toll Gate cafe in Bembridge.  Freddy confirmed the high baboon rating that we always give this cafe.  He had a toasted cheese sandwich with salad.

Freddy needed lunch, he had walked nearly 6.5 miles and had to walk back the same way.

Freddy really enjoyed his day out and he did really well to walk so far.  I expect he will want to go out again!!


  1. wow wot a luffly walk fur freddy *waves* nd fank yew soo mutch fur sharin it! im shure i cudnt walk that far!

  2. YAY for Freddy taking such a pawsome walk! You live in such a beautiful place - every walk you take is amazing! I bet Freddy slept very soundly last night after all that walking! ((HUGS)) ((HUGS)) ((HUGS))

  3. Fredddy is so kissable and looked verry happy on his walk xx

  4. What a wonderful walk! Scribe and I imagined we were there with Freddy, it looked like such fun. I want to take up sailing, too. Pawhaps some day Freddy and I can sail away on an adventure together. Of course, we'll want a big enough boat that Kolo comes along, too!