Saturday, 27 July 2013

Latest re-homings

The rehoming project is picking up again for the summer (baboons are so happy to get homes that they will travel at any time but they prefer travelling in summer weather if possible).

Five baboons have been rehomed since the last update.

This little chap went to Glasgow to live with @ThisBear, one of our oldest, most respected and loved friends.  I am so glad Mr Bear was able to give him a home.

Gilbert, who is a little finger puppet baboon arrived in time to enter #TeddyOlympics in the treats section, with Bear.  I am very proud of all the baboons who have entered #TeddyOlympics, but to do it so soon after arrival is really quite something don't you think.  Here they are with their Treats entry.

Another little chap has gone to live in the north east of England with @BooBooBearGreen.

BooBoo is an Arsenal fan so his baboon is named Tony after our greatest Arsenal captain, Tony Adams.  BooBoo is so kind and patient he let Tony climb all over him.

As regular readers will probably know we went for a picnic and met @MarthaBBear and @TourGuideTed and rehomed baboons with them in the fur.

Mini-Kolo (cool dude) rehomed this little chap with Martha, she called him Barney or Barnie, because she thought he looked like a Barney or Barnie. 

Mini-Kolo rehomed another chap, brother of @ThisBear's Gilbert, with @TourGuideTed

This little chap was named Bob (after West Bromwich Albion player Bob Taylor).

Both Barney and Bob were very lucky they had holidays after they were rehomed.

Then there was another rehoming.  This chap, Marley Mandrill, went all the way to Oregon to join @Cybercat919 (Willy's), primate family.


It would appear that he is learning to drive, but he needs to realise that you need to look out of the windscreen, not have your back to it.

I wanted to show more pictures of some of these chaps, but Blogger is being tempramental about uploading pictures today, I will try to add some more later.

I have another rehoming underway, and that will be number 80!! He will be going to Toronto!  Imagine my friends have been kind enough to rehome 80 baboons and give them loving homes and exciting lives that suit their needs and interests.

Thank you to all of you.  HUGS HUGS HUGS!!


  1. oh my how luffly too see moor baboons beein rehomed.. yew dowin brilant werk kolo.. imagine 80 baboons in luffin homes! luffly too see unkle in yur blog hehe :) he is beary beeloved.

  2. awe so many happy babboons! 80 is a wonderful accomplishment. Pawhugs TPC

  3. Luffy pidjurs, Kolo, as owr troop of Baboon buddies exchange hugs fur bananas frum Britain to Oregon!The pucnic piccies ar espeshully fun - yup, we do get sunshine in the summer sumtimes, heehee!Kisses frum me and muckle big hugs frae Paco! xxxxxxxxxxxx