Sunday, 4 August 2013

Emirates Cup

Yesterday Mini-Kolo had a very exciting day.  He went to the Arsenal stadium to see the first day of the pre-season friendly tournament, the Emirates Cup.

He got ready in his Arsenal shirt.  He was hoping Mr Wenger would give him a game.

First he had to go on the car ferry from Fishbourne, our car ferry port, to get to Portsmouth.


Mini-Kolo got on the ferry first so he enjoyed watching the other cars being loaded.  Then they set off to sea.


Heading towards Portsmouth.  When they got off the ferry there was a long drive in the car to London, that is around 70 miles.  Mini-Kolo needs his mid-morning coffee so they stopped to get that.


He had to be careful not to spill his coffee on his Arsenal shirt, Mr Wenger wouldn't like a coffee stained Arsenal shirt would he!!


After parking the car at Richmond, on the edge of London, they got the train to Highbury and Islington.  Mini-Kolo had a little nap to be ready for the game.

They had great seats at the Emirates stadium.


Mini-Kolo watched the games and cheered in all the right places.  Arsenal didn't win their game, they were two goals down to Napoli at half time, and Mini-Kolo was a bit disappointed.  But then Alex and Theo came on and everything changed.  The action was right in front of them for most of the second half with Arsenal shooting lots at the goal.  We got two goals for a draw, and Mini-Kolo was much happier.

Some old favourites were playing, our old friend Eboue was playing in the other game for Galatasary and they saw Mr Drogba the famous Chelsea diver playing for them too.  Pepe Reina the old Liverpool goal keeper was playing for Napoli so they saw some familiar faces.

They came home on the tube and then in the car.  There were two games so it was quite late by the time they got to the ferry.  Mini-Kolo thought Portsmouth Harbour looked very interesting in the evening light.


Now we are watching the second day of the tournament, on television, so we will see if Arsenal can win today.


  1. how beary wundahful kolo... i howps too see a gaym at th emirates wun dey too :)

  2. Lovely trip in your favorite team's Stadium.

  3. Excellent my old good to enjoy sum footie.....i see you mite be getting the biter from Liverpool....mite be an explosiv sort of seezen

  4. great trip an happy u get to see #Arsenal games !!!! I would like to go on sea trip like that !!!!