Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Bear exhibition

We have a guest blogger today and I have to warn you that he is not a good photographer!!  Actually he is not even a guest blogger as I am having to write it for him.  Anyway here goes.

My person's lovely old Teddy Bear, Tet Bee met up with Henry @Henryandfriends to go to a Teddy Bear exhibition in Portsmouth City Museum.  I am sure this exhibition is old hat to all of you,as both Tabitha and Martha have already been.  However, these bars wanted to have a look for themselves.  Tet Bee, who has been with my person since her first Christmas, doesn't get out so much so he got all dressed up in his Bearmani outfit for the occasion.


Tet Bee ran into some famliar faces including Sooty and Sweep and Winnie the Pooh, there are others here whom he didn't recognise but he stopped to have a look anyway.


Prime example of poor photographic technique here, despite directions from Henry, and we also know that Martha and Tabitha have both shown you this picture (well actually a much better one of the same bear), but we couldn't resit him as he really is so much like @DoctorRedBear.  He was labelled as Napoleon Bearnoupart.


With a slight improvement in photographic technique Tet Bee managed to get a picture of this lovely old chap.  He made Tet Bee feel very young indeed!  So young, in fact, that he climbed up this wall with Henry hot on his heels!


Yes the old boy actually got to the top first!!  He is very proud of that!!


This was a big exhibition of moving Steiff bears and monkeys.  Tet Bee was keen to show me some of the monkeys.  Henry took part in the production of Shakespear they were performing.  I'm sure he will show you.


Before leaving Tet Bee was delighted to see a chap who might be an ancestor of our dear friend @OllyTed.  If he is he would be a great, great ancestor at the very least, as he was born in 1910.  He really is a handsome chap, and very like our Olly we think!!

The lighting wasn't excellent, to protect the bears, so the pictures are not excellent (well that is Tet Bee's excuse), that is for the protection of the elderly bears. However, we hope you get a flavour of the fun they had.  It is a great exhibition.

Tet Bee has a word of caution for you all.  When planning days out make sure you are not going on a day when there is a special event for the under 5's.  Elderly bears find noise challenging and the cafe was packed out.  However, he did enjoy his outing.


  1. oh oh oh wot a luffly dey owt nd how nise too see tet bee haffin a dey owt. i doo luff too see th steiff bears nd i fink that wun mite bee my grayt grayt unkle :)

  2. Great blog! I thought, that bear looks just like Henry...then I read and it IS Henry. d'oh. I love to see bears out and about and sometime I must visit this place - I've read so much about it. Nice one Kolo, Tet Bee and Henry!

  3. me an tet bee ad a grayt time kolo. an i seed lots of distunt reelayshuns of mine aswel

  4. It looks like a lot of fun Kolo! We must make a point of visiting some time. You all look like you were enjoying yourselves.

  5. OMC - you got to go on an outing with Henry! WOW - I'd love to meet Henry. TeeBee is such a cutie too. For being an old fellow, he sure has kept himself fit and trim. So glad you all had such a great time.

  6. Tet Bee looks so handsome in his outfit! I especially like his shiny red pants! I think he was a good photographer, and I understand the light being low for the elderly ;) sorry it was noisy but it looks like you guys had great fun!

  7. Yoo bin hazzin a fine time there my pal....i fink mebbe i send Claptun nex time....