Monday, 26 December 2011

Tweeting baboons

I just wanted to tell everyone how happy it makes me being on Twitter.  This is my 3rd Christmas on Twitter and every year it gets more and more important to me.  I only started on Twitter in summer 2009 so that I could see my good friend @hi_im_monkey's pictures when he was touring Tibet.  I never intended tweeting or anything like that and I didn't really know how it worked.  But boy did that take off.  The first pal to talk to me was my good friend @marleyterrier. I don't even know how he knew I was there.  He was followed by @jedbramwell and it took off from there, suddenly people were following me and I was following them and I suddenly had lots of friends.

Because we had recently been to visit Monkey in Texas my first Twitter picture showed me in my Longhorns T-shirt with my armadillo Arty who had been bought for me at the Alamo in San Antonio.  Because of this lots of people thought I was Texan. I also confused people by saying that I was from the deep South on the sunshine coast.  Well I'm English and in English terms I do live in the deep South on the sunshine coast.  Never mind we soon sorted that confusion out.

Lots of things have happened to me because of Twitter.  From the minute I arrived with my family I was well loved and made part of the family but I did used to stay at home quietly when my people went to work and I never went out and about.  Because of Twitter I have been to all sorts of places.

I met my good friend Henry (@henryandfriends) and that led to meeting more folks.

Last year I spent a lovely day at the Monkey and Owl Haven on my island where @AdoptedMonkeys live.  I was lucky enough to meet @BearBerkely there as well.  We also had a fantastic picnic in the New Forest in 2009.

We had buns and bananas. 

We had a lovely day on the steam railway with @MrsFiddlesticks and @tim_kirby.

 Lots of pals joined us when I drove the train away! Heee heee heee!

 @kyba @zackrabbit @syd_pie and @tweetypie54 all joined us for the fun.

I have done so many things I would never had done without Twitter I can't list all of it.  But it has all made me very happy.

A great hightlight has been having Lippe to stay during his world tour.  He was great fun to have around!

Amazing things have happened.  During the world cup my housemate Leroy joined me on Twitter to comment on the football.  I love football but he is football crazy.

He still pops up on Twitter sometimes and he often travels instead of me as he is much smaller.  He went to America at Easter and met @pinkbunnyr in LA.

You can see @him_im_monkey and my brother Henry in the picture.  We are wearing our Bearmani outfits that @snuffy_norton made for them.  They had lots of adventures in the US with our friend Monkey.

Leroy has also been to London and met @dogstoyevsky's mum.

and another day he met @choc_the_moose, they at massive pizzas I don't know how they managed to eat so much they are so small.

The world cup was great fun.  Particularly I am thinking of my dear friend Mookie who enjoyed it so much.

After I made my world cup pizza that represented the English flag Mookie made a German flag pizza.  We had such fun following the world cup together and football fans will be amazed as the English and Germans don't usually see eye to eye when it comes to football.  Mookie and I are such good friends that that didn't matter to us.

The world cup brought lots of friends into football or back to football and produced a lot of new Arsenal fans including @marshallsheldon and @ollyted.  It also enabled me to meet a lot of other Arsenal fans on Twitter and we tweet during games.

I have done so many things because of Twitter, things I would never have had a chance to do and I have met some fantastic pals who I love so much.  I don't get on to Twitter as much as I would like but there is always a warm welcome when I do arrive.  I wish I could mention all my friends.

There are also sad times on Twitter.  We are often sad to see friends who are ill or who go over the rainbow bridge.  I nearly gave up tweeting when dear Mookie went over the bridge it was such a sad time and so sudden.  Again I nearly stopped when we lost Gunner (@tweetypie54).  Of course anyone going over the bridge is met by dear @PepiSmartDog our dear pal who welcomes them.  I hope Pepi will let me visit and play football again with dear Mookie and see other friends that have gone over the bridge.

Well that is a long post and tells just a bit about what Twitter means to me.  I can't express the whole of how I feel even if I write a post as long as War and Peace.  Twitter has meant friendship, laughter, tears and frustration when it doesn't work properly.  In other words the whole world can be found in Twitter.

Thank you all for being my friends.  I wish I could be around more but life isn't like that.


  1. Kolo Kolo Kolo...was I rilly the first pawsone to talk wiv you on twitter? Ow wow, that do make me feel rilly proud. I loves you dear buddy and it has been my plezzure to be your friend. I sure do enjoy your HUGS HUGS HUGS. Woof

  2. yoo dus be ryt bowt it al kolo an frew twitta we did meet yoo an al yor famly an dus now be bestist frends.
    we say bigg fank yoo twitta for wot yoo did do
    bigg uggs Henry

  3. That is nice to read and to see the pictures of dear ffriends Kolo. I am so glad we have met and I hope we will meet again many times. Friends are so important I think *hugs*

  4. What a lovely post, Kolo. It has been such a pleasure getting to know you and we look forward to many more meetings and lots more fun! Monty sends love too.

  5. Agree with every word Kolo. It's been brilliant meeting you! More fun in 2012 to come I'm sure.


  6. wot a luffly post kolo *hug hug* my life is bettah becos yew ar pawt of it :)

  7. This is a lovely post straight from your heart, and thats what makes it so special.
    I cannot imagine life without twitter and all my twitter friends.
    Me and momma try to explain to "non twitter" people about all of you but its like trying to explain a soap opera to non watchers.
    They look at you like your nuts but we don't care because we have love and friends from all over the world, even over the RB.
    I wish I would have written this post cuz it sounds like it came from my heart too.
    We love you Kolo! We always will.

  8. Great blog Kolo
    It's an honour to call you a friend.

  9. I echo all the wonderful things everyone else has said!!! Chase WOOFS in agreement. =;-) My life is certainly richer because of TWITTER and the great friends (like you and all at your home!) I've met. I treasure each and every one of you, and hope to meet you in person someday so that our virtual hugzzzzzzzzz can become real ones!!! Love you all SOOOOOOOOO much. Huge hugzzzzzzzz, my great pal!!! RAY & CHASE -- @DaneRay

  10. Dearest Kolo,what a beautiful post,I am proud to know the worlds most Huggalicious Baboon !!!!!!!! Pasihugggs

  11. Kolo - you are such a dear buddy - I can't imagine Twitter without you pal. I'm so happy we met and that you are my friend. he he - you and I must have started Twitter right about the same time.

  12. I am beary happy to have you and lots of others as twitter pals. Hope we have lots of more years to go and that we can meet to have some nice noms together. Hugs

  13. you iz teh sweetest baboon an I feels lucky to be yer furrendz. Thanks you fur sharing your twitter story, its a wonderfur thing to be pawrt of teh anipals communitee.

  14. This is a lovely post, Kolo. I feel so lucky to call you and well almost everyone here my friend. Thank you for sharing your twitter story.

  15. oh kolo dats da best thi ng weez ever read thank you for being our friends hugxoxo

  16. That's a great blog Kolo. *hug* I'm so happy you're my friend too! Smooooch!!

  17. You are such a dear friend, Kolo. And a fantastic blog-writer!

  18. What an awesome blog, Kolo! I miss being on Twitter with you and hope to be back more this year. I was so very sad to hear that Mookie died. I didn't know that and will really miss him.

    Thanks for the great post and all the awesome pics. You are such a great friend, Kolo!