Saturday, 24 December 2011

Announcing the winners

Well its Christmas eve and I have drawn the competition.  I will be sending a DM to each of the winners but here is the announcement.  I used a random number generator and generated 3 numbers these were.

1. MarleyTerrier - wins a monkey or owl adoption - Marley can select his owl or monkey from the website.

2. Happpiii - wins a T-shirt from our dear friend Miriam's bunny sanctuary - it is in German so I will ask Happpiii to select style, size and colour and I will use Google translator to do the order.

3. Mogsbear - wins a rehomed cuddly baboon who will be posted after Christmas (we will give him a nice Christmas dinner before he leaves so he should arrive quite happy.

Congratulations to all the winners.  I wish you could all win, if you didn't win this time look out for my next competition.

Thank you to all of you for entering.


  1. Concats to effuryone an Meowy chrispmouse Kolo to you an all your fambly!

  2. Oh My Bear!! Ey wun a baboon? Oh Kolo fank yoo sooooooo much! Ey wil tayk beary gud care of him and mayk shoor he gets lots of bananana cayk!! Kisskisskisskiss!!!