Saturday, 3 December 2011


Hello everyone I only seem to pop in here every so often but I always think about you.

This the time of year for baboons to run competitions.  This year's competition has three first prizes:

  1. An adopted primate or owl from the Owl and Monkey haven near my home on the island
  2. A T-shirt of the colour of your choice from Kaninchenretterin to help our dear friend Miriam with the work she does to rescue rabbits
  3. To rehome a small cuddly baboon trained, by me, to give fantastic Kolo patented HUGS HUGS HUGS. Don't worry this baboon will not be as big as me so you won't have to buy as much food as my people have to.
There are three ways to enter this competition.

  1. Leave a comment on this blog saying that you wish to enter.
  2. Send me a DM to @Kolo_Martin on Twitter.  If you find I do not follow you please send me a message so you can DM me.
  3. For my friends on Can Be Social, if you are not on Twitter please leave a message on my CBS wall.
I don't ask my dear anipals to do anything to enter the competition as I could never judge between their entries.  Please enter just be sending me a message in one of the ways listed above.

The competition will be drawn on Christmas Eve at 10 am and the winners will be announced and contacted via this blog, Twitter or Can Be Social.

Good luck and please enter.

Lots of love and HUGS HUGS HUGS from Kolo


  1. What a pawsome competition Kolo! I'm happy just to receive your HUGS! Luv you my furiend! OxOxO

  2. ello ello deer kolo i bee beary pleesd too enter th compy - plees doo add my naym too th list :)

    *hug hug* gud luck ebearywun!

  3. OMC Kolo, u iz so clevva runnin this competishun. I do enter here, but I not sure how u gonna wurk it out. seems hard to me! But it's so nice u wanna share at dis time of year, fank you, Isa xox

  4. ohai Kolo wat a nice thing to do fur da hollydayz *hugs* xoxoxox

  5. Hi Hi Kolo. Dis vewy nice competition. I would likes to enter. Thanks yoo fur thinkin of me. I sending yoo poodle kisses. *smoooch* and {{hugs}} too. woof!

  6. Wow Kolo yoo ar a primate santa claus!Wot a lubberly idea and a great way to spread the wurd abowt both rescue centres! Yoo is a clevva baboon,aincha? Huuggs

  7. oh oh oh Kolo What a wonderful competition. oh oh that so kind and so fun. Love Petie the cat

  8. What a Kolo-tastic idea, you is a kind & clever baboon and #anipal to know! Purrs & HUGS indeed! :)

  9. You are a good Baboon.Huggggggggs

  10. Hugs to my sweet friend Kolo. You're a loveliest baboon in the world and I'm glad that I know you. I love your competition how nice from you.

  11. Ello my pal. I did send you a DM wiv my entry I fink. Woof

  12. Chase and I would like to enter the contest. As always, you are a most generous anipal!!! I so enjoy your blog when you are able to write and have such a thoroughly wonderful time when we are able to chitter and chatter on TWITTER!!!! Hugzzzzzzzzzz to all of you from ... RAY & CHASE -- @DaneRay

  13. Hello Kolo
    Great comp and very generous of you buddy.
    Please count me in!
    Hugs Hugs Hugs
    The best baboon i know!

  14. I would like to enter!!! *monkey wave*

  15. I would love to enter the competition Hugs