Saturday, 17 December 2011

TV assembly

I have had a very busy morning. Our man person decided to upgrade the television and get HD so we needed a new sky box as well and then we needed a new TV stand cos the TV was too big for the old one.  Well I arranged all that but then it all had to be set up.  I knew this was a job for superbaboon!

It did all look a bit complicated with all those wires and stuff and then I would have to get the TV onto the stand.  I might need help there.

Ah but there is not just one baboon in this house there is a whole troup of them so we managed it together.

Yayayayaaaa we did it between us.  Nowe we can watch Arsenal play Manchester City in HD!  Go Gunners!

You might have noticed a baboon you haven't seen in our house before he is Bradley the 6th and last baboon to join our troup.  He was sent to us at the Kolo Martin re-homing centre so that I could find him a new loving home.  He is a great character and he has some problems with his hips.  He did live in a home before so we decided we would keep him at the re-homing centre as one of our troup.  He is the last baboon we will be keeping here but we will continue to re-home baboons in need.

Here is a closer look at Bradley.  I am sure you will see he is a great character.

Wouldn't you all like a bright shirt like his? His badge says his name is Bradley so we knew.


  1. yay fur th gunners in hd! gud job troop! *hug hug hug* :)

  2. Hey Bradley !!!! u look a cheery chap,Pasicudddles xxx

  3. Welcome bradley!
    What a great new tv.
    Have fun watching the game Kolo.
    I want it to be a draw!!!

  4. whoohooo! A new tv... look how big, did you hook your puter to it too, so your tweets would be bigger than life???

    Kolo who is the baboon sitting on the floor in the front? He is a handsome dude too...

  5. Its nice to meetchew Bradley! you iz going to haz lotsa fun watching that televizhunz!

  6. Wow Kolo! That is fantastic! and Hello Bradley! You are all going to have fun watching lots of football I think! xxxx

  7. Monty says hello to Bradley and of course to everyone. He is impressed with theTV too!

  8. Hey guys!! nice new TV! WOO!! *waves paw to Bradley* you look an awful lot like Hugo.. are you guys related too?

  9. yoo did al werk reely ard kolo. i ope th footbal dus be egstra gud to woch. an ello to bradly

  10. Oh deer my pal. I am sorry the TV did ave such a poor start yesterday. I am glad we did win the footie but I am sad that the Gooners lost all at the same time. Woof